Bathroom lighting upgrades – Home Depot video

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Been thinking of renovating or revamping a bathroom in your home?  Check out the latest video from Home Depot, which shows you all the fun things to consider when tackling a bath and vanity makeover.

  • Change out your mirrors – This can immediately update the appearance of your bathroom. Be sure to choose a finish that matches your vanity.
  • Incorporate new lighting – Lighting can transform your bath and vanity into a spa-like atmosphere.  Use wall sconces, close-to-ceiling and recessed fixtures, which work together to reduce shadows and brighten the area.
  • Upgrade your toilet - Dual-flush toilets are now available to help conserve water usage.
  • Choose your shower heads- The right shower head will depend on whether you have a fixed shower or hand shower.  In fact, Delta’s Leeland fixed shower head is a favorite at Home Depot (and Progress Lighting offers the Leeland collection - a Delta bath match collection to help you coordinate!)

Have you recently remodeled your bathroom?  We’d love to see pictures!  Share them on our Facebook page today.

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