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Weekly Round Up!

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We hope you have had a great week! Check out these articles and blog posts we found most interesting from the past few days. We took a look into the evolution of Residential Lighting, consumer tips and favorites, as well as some intriguing Mars footage. Enjoy! The Ever-Popular Outdoor Room Light Bulbs Made Simple Residential [...]

Light bulbs made simple

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While there are plenty of news stories and opinions about new light bulb standards and equivalencies, many people are still unsure about what to buy. Our friends at the American Lighting Association recently highlighted three of the most common questions consumers have and offer expert answers. Q: What it is the best replacement for incandescent [...]

The ever-popular outdoor room

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We recently read a survey conducted by Casual Living magazine and Consumer Reports on the popularity and preferences on outdoor rooms of the home. By definition, this is any outdoor area that’s been converted into a comfortable living space and is used for grilling, relaxing and entertaining. Here are a few of the findings we [...]

Weekly Lighting Recap!

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For those of you who may have been too busy with back-to-school preparation this week, here’s our lighting weekly round-up! Overall, this was an exciting week for us and our fans – with design tips, conference previews, lifestyle news and the unveiling of our Progress Lighting Match Maker Contest winner! Enjoy: Enliven Your Porch with [...]

How lighting affects our sleeping habits

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Today, Americans are more sleepless than ever. Studies show that a growing number of individuals are consistently lacking sleep due to a variety of factors such as high stress levels, restless bed partners, medication, technology and even lighting. We recently watched an interview with David K. Randall, author of “Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science [...]

Congratulations to Match Maker Contest winner Suzanne Burnett!

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Progress Lighting recently hosted the exclusive Match Maker Contest on Pinterest, and we are excited to officially announce the winner! We were impressed by Suzanne Burnett’s choices in lighting fixtures and images of her dream home. As her “Match Maker board explains, “I think lighting is very important in a house. Especially for me. I [...]

Weekly lighting round-up

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This week, our favorite articles and blog posts revolved around social media, economic improvements and beautiful interiors. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did! Social media has revolutionized social media – Top 5 Cities with the Lowest Unemployment Rate – MultiFamily Executive Velvet Shows Piles of Playfulness – 8 Great [...]

How to select a CFL

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In 2001, the U.S. Department of Energy found that lighting accounted for around 7 percent of a home’s energy use. In 2010, the most recent data, that statistic rose to more than 15 percent. CFL lighting is one of the most realistic options for homeowners to reduce lighting consumption in their home. But because it [...]

Weekly lighting round-up

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It was a very active week in the world of residential lighting! Check out our favorite blog posts and articles surrounding beautiful designs, improvements in the home builder market and our Pinterest Match Maker Contest! Beautiful Outdoor Dining from Leslie Fine Interiors Dark Rooms are a Bright Idea from the Wall Street Journal Housing Starts [...]

Pinterest: A priceless resource for homebuilders

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Pinterest, the social networking site that allows users to share photos by “pinning” them on categorized boards, can be quite a valuable tool for homebuilders. As a visual platform highly trusted and used by women, the site offers easy access to a target market willing to share their home development desires.  Here are some quick [...]