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Weekly lighting round-up

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It was a very active week in the world of residential lighting! Check out our favorite blog posts and articles surrounding beautiful designs, improvements in the home builder market and our Pinterest Match Maker Contest! Beautiful Outdoor Dining from Leslie Fine Interiors Dark Rooms are a Bright Idea from the Wall Street Journal Housing Starts [...]

Pinterest: A priceless resource for homebuilders

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Pinterest, the social networking site that allows users to share photos by “pinning” them on categorized boards, can be quite a valuable tool for homebuilders. As a visual platform highly trusted and used by women, the site offers easy access to a target market willing to share their home development desires.  Here are some quick [...]

Win a Lighting Makeover from Progress Lighting!

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Are you active on Pinterest? Does your home need a lighting makeover? If so, here’s your chance to win new lighting fixtures from Progress Lighting while having fun on Pinterest! From today until July 29, you can create your own “My Progress Lighting Match Maker” board on Pinterest and pin images of your dream home [...]

Introducing the new Guide to Green Lighting Solutions

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The “green movement” – sparked by the quest to improve our environment and new government mandates – has individuals evaluating their homes and places of business for ways to improve efficiency and sustainability. Did you know that the average American home uses 11 percent of its energy consumption in lighting alone? To address this challenge, [...]

Four clever ways to get the most out of your home space

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Whether you live in a petite studio apartment or an expansive mountain estate villa, maximizing space to offer a welcoming environment to guests is a must. If you are pondering whether you can host that upcoming VIP gala or buy an ultra chic piece of furniture, here are a few quick tips to help you [...]

Changes to PAR and R lamp regulations – What you need to know

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Chances are, you’ve heard about the new lighting regulations behind the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act – also referred to as the “incandescent bulb ban.” While the program does affect the traditional, iconic lightbulb, new rules are on the horizon for other popular lighting sources. As noted by our friends at the American Lighting [...]

The sustainable outdoor room

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“Outdoor rooms” are an extension of the living environments within our homes. And these spaces are increasingly designed with a strong focus towards sustainability. An article in a recent issue of Residential Design + Build shares how using the right materials can help home owners save on water consumption and electricity costs. “Green roofs” utilize [...]

Landscaping for energy efficiency

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A well-landscaped yard can beautify a home’s exterior. But did you know it can also reduce heating and cooling costs? Consider these four elements of an energy-efficient landscape design: Climate Each climate zone requires a different landscaping strategy. In temperate climates like California you want to shade against the summer sun, allow for solar gain [...]

Join us on Pinterest!

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Looking for decorating, DIY or lighting inspiration? Check out Progress Lighting’s page on Pinterest! We have collected fabulous images of our collections and things that inspire us on our “/style boards” – including: DIY/style Unique/style Bath/style Color/style Outdoor/style Green/style …and more! “Follow” us for frequent image updates, and leave your “Pin” suggestions in the Comments [...]

Bingo: Endless custom design possibilties

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Our recently introduced Bingo collection was designed with beauty and functionality in mind. Bingo fixtures offer fashion-forward circular forms that can be can be wall- or ceiling-mounted for functional illumination in a unique statement piece. Beyond these details, Bingo’s distressed mirror surfaces may be painted, or covered with fabric, paper or photographs – to match any range [...]