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Quick and Easy Bedroom Makeovers

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Dreaming of a gorgeous bedroom? We know how you feel. All too often, living rooms and kitchens take priority when it comes to decorating, and bedrooms can wind up in a perpetual state of blah. Check out these simple ideas for giving your sleep space an upgrade in no time at all. Paint Don’t be [...]

Top Pins of the Week: An elegant space, luxurious retreat and pumpkin perfection…

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Calling all Pinterest fans! Our followers have had a lot of fun this week re-pinning inspiring home decor, their favorite spaces and fall ideas from our boards. Here are some of this week’s top pins. Which is your favorite? Did you know we have a joint board with our partners Toll Brothers? Browse luxurious homes [...]

Lighting by room: Bathroom

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In our new “Lighting by room” blog series, we borrow ideas and tips from the most recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens’ Lighting magazine – while offering suggestions for lighting fixtures from our own collections. Enjoy! Bedrooms have the ability to be both practical-minded and beautiful retreats. Properly illuminating your bedroom can help create [...]