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Progress Lighting rolls out 8 new energy efficient fixtures for 2012

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To meet the needs of homeowners who want energy efficient lighting options – without sacrificing quality and aesthetics – we are excited to introduce 8 new CFL fixtures for 2012! (1) Cuddle fixtures are comprised of a sculptural play of intersecting ovals and feature a Mylar exterior shade with a linen interior shade. One- and [...]

Why do LEDs cost so much?

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We all know the benefits of LEDs – especially when comparing the technology to traditional incandescent sources. And maybe there would be a faster shift toward the energy efficient luminaires, but the significant price difference holds many consumers back. To break down exactly why LEDs cost more than other sources – and to help us [...]

Decoding lamp lingo

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Great New York Times article that I wanted to share that addresses the misconception that incandescent bulbs will be banned in the near future. The truth is: Federal regulations are changing how lighting products are made. In an effort to help consumers choose products that save money and energy – while meeting performance expectations – [...]

International Builders’ Show recap

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Progress Lighting exhibited and attended the NAHB International Builders’ Show last week and – wow! – it was such a great experience. The annual construction industry show not only gives us a chance to showcase our new products (It’s so wonderful to see the fixtures up close and personal. You can really see the different [...]