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Seeing the Light in Tough Times

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Even though people may not be building houses like they were a few years ago, the lighting industry is still doing business. American Lighting Association (ALA) Conference keynote speaker Robert Stevenson says showrooms just need to “figure out ways to make it easy for customers to do business with you” in order to keep numbers [...]

Which Lifestyle palette is for you?

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You may remember we introduced our Lifestyle palettes for 2011, and you might have seen these Progress Lighting families in our new catalog. But do you know which Lifestyle is right for you? We designed our Lifestyle palettes to help connect your lighting fixtures to the environment you have created in your home. You may [...]

Lighting your “man cave” (or any other home entertainment space!)

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With the biggest football game of the year just weeks away, we’re sure plenty of Americans are thinking about how to create the perfect viewing center in their home. Whether you have a designated “man cave” for watching sports and movies, a home theatre or just a cozy living room, there are a lot of [...]

Holiday lighting inspiration!

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No matter what time of year, people can always express their unique personalities through lighting designs within the home. And even though we’re only a week into December, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the variety of holiday decorations, accents and lighting around neighborhoods, parks and businesses. Here at Hubbell, we definitely got into the spirit and [...]