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The 5 most influential lighting trends

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In today’s most on-trend interior settings, lighting has a key role to play. Whether its serving as a stunning focal point, driving energy savings or setting the mood for a mid-century style comeback – lighting greatly influences the overall design goals of your home. These 5 lighting trends are having the greatest impact on today’s [...]

Trend Alert: Industrial Chic

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One of the most popular trends in interior design today is what many call “industrial chic”. We asked our friends at National Builder Supply to share their expertise on how this trend is playing out in today’s most up-to-date interiors – especially as it relates to lighting. Here’s what they had to say! Both designers [...]

Solid-state lighting: The benefits, challenges + misconceptions

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In a recent interview with our Senior Product Designer James Thomas, we asked him to weigh in on the benefits and challenges of solid-state lighting. In our Q+A, Thomas shared his perspective on the effects that the move towards LED sources has on the industry as a whole. Here’s what he had to say. “For [...]

Common Lighting Terms & Definitions

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To better understand any industry, it is always important to learn the lingo. For your convenience, we have complied a list of some popular lighting terms and definitions that we always find useful: CCT – Correlated color temperature CFL – Compact Flourescent Lamp Color Rendering – Ability of a light source to show all colors in [...]

Seeing the Light in Tough Times

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Even though people may not be building houses like they were a few years ago, the lighting industry is still doing business. American Lighting Association (ALA) Conference keynote speaker Robert Stevenson says showrooms just need to “figure out ways to make it easy for customers to do business with you” in order to keep numbers [...]

LEDs top of mind at Greenbuild 2010

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Recently, thousands of building professionals descended upon Chicago to learn the latest in green building practices – in the forms of educational events, seminars and networking sessions – at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.  (If you weren’t able to attend, check out GreenSource magazine’s recap of sessions, events and speakers. Progress Lighting attended and [...]