One soldier receives the gift of home this holiday season

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In the spirit of the holiday season, Progress Lighting is proudly working with several other community organizations to help one very deserving soldier through Operation Finally Home – a Texas-based charity dedicated to building mortgage-free homes for our wounded men and women in uniform and the families of the fallen.

The current recipient is for a young man named Cody Nusbaum in New Braunfels, Texas. At 24 years of age, he was shot by a Taliban insurgent 11 times and has had more than 70 surgeries to repair his injuries. Doctors didn’t believe he’d walk again but in early October Cody took his first steps and has been making strides ever since. On October 6, Cody took his first steps into the framework of his new home.

We’re excited to be a leading supplier of lighting fixtures in Cody’s new home! The project is expected to be completed in early March, and we look forward to sharing updates along the way.

In the meantime, you can learn more about Cody and Operation Finally Home at, and even watch a video of Cody learning for the first time that he’s going to receive his house.

The Orbitz Collection

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Orbitz is one of Progress Lighting’s most versatile fixtures, accommodating a variety of lifestyle and lighting needs. Watch this video to learn how this popular collection adds modern beauty with functional illumination to your home.

Key features of the Orbitz collection include:

  • Rectiliniar tubing frame with etched glass shades
  • Versatile design with option to mount shades up or down
  • Brushed Nickel and Antique Bronze finishes
  • Several chandelier sizes, convertible ceiling fixtures, pendants and bath options

Trend Alert: Layered Lighting

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One of today’s most popular lighting trends revolves around a layered lighting approach. Different fixtures provide different types of light, and just the right combination beautifully and efficiently illuminates a home. While recessed fixtures provide ambient light, chandeliers and pendants are ideal for task lighting applications. Accent lighting above or below cabinets creates interest and intrigue, while highlighting special areas of a room.

Enjoy these interior shots courtesy of Ryland Homes for inspiration on how to master a layered lighting design.

Featured collection: Progress Lighting Calven. Photo courtesy of Ryland

Featured collection: Progress Lighting Riverside. Photo courtesy of Ryland

Featured collection: Progress Lighting Alexa. Photo courtesy of Ryland

Featured collection: Progress Lighting Ashbury. Photo courtesy of Ryland

Celebrate the Holidays Under the Right Light

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Preparing a home for the holidays might bring to mind extensive decorations or a total remodel of a living or dining room. However, small changes through lighting can create a festive and comfortable environment with minimal effort.

Welcome family and guests into your home

Entryways are the first areas of a home to invite guests and set the tone for the rest of the interior. Lanterns and hanging fixtures can be functional yet decorative pieces that serve as the focal point in entryways.

Other ways to add drama in foyers are through the use of layered lighting, such as a chandelier accented with a sconce, along with the use of dimmers – to control the light level and create the ultimate welcoming environment for holiday guests.

In addition, simple outdoor lighting techniques can make your home and yard look great and offer functional features during the holidays – and all year long. Lighting along paths and driveways enhances the overall theme of your outdoor space while preventing accidents in the dark.

Illuminate favorite rooms for festive gatherings

Consider designing inspirational lighting schemes in the areas where friends and family gather most during the holidays. Incorporating layers of light – like chandeliers, recessed lighting and wall sconces – will add depth to a popular room.

In living areas, find creative uses of recessed fixtures, wall brackets or pendants to provide ample light. To brighten or soften illumination, incorporate dimmers to create drama with the flip of a switch.

Placing a chandelier over a dining table adds instant appeal to a centerpiece or holiday meal. Also consider adding a pendant – or multiple pendants – to showcase the dining area. For a behind-the-scenes tip: recessed wall washers can provide additional light, while helping to create the illusion of a larger space.

Also, consider making small adjustments like decorating existing fixtures or adjusting illumination to highlight holiday centerpieces to enhance a festive environment.

For more information about lighting for every home and occasion, visit Progress Lighting online at You can also find on social media:

Martha Childress Fundraising Opportunities

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The HBA of Greenville Board of Directors has formed the Martha Childress Task Force to modify Martha’s home in preparation for returning from a rehabilitation facility. Martha continues to heal and is making great strides in recovering from a gunshot wound that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Progress Lighting is proud to be part of the HBA community that is helping to make a difference for the Childress family. Please consider supporting this initiative.

If you are unable to contribute labor or materials to these two projects, please consider a cash contribution to the Martha Childress Housing Fund. All proceeds not spent on her housing needs will be donated to a fund for her ongoing health needs. Checks can be made payable to HBA of Greenville Attn: Martha Childress Fund, 5 Creekside Park Court Ste. A, Greenville, SC 29615.

Additional fundraising opportunities have been set up to help Martha (

If you have any questions, please contact the HBA office at or (864) 254-0133.

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Roxbury: Elegance for traditional interiors

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Add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your interior style with the Roxbury collection.

  • Graceful fluted arms in a Classic Silver finish emanate from a central column of fluted crystal.
  • Crowned with simple black and off -white shades as standard, while blue-green and red shades offer a stylish option.
  • Roxbury offers elaborate chandeliers with up to 15 lights.
  • Pendants, close-to-ceiling and bath and vanity fixtures complete the family.

Lighting shades for versatile interior designs

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Whether getting festive for an upcoming holiday, adding new décor or just refreshing the contents of a room, homeowners are almost always looking to make subtle updates to their humble abodes.

One small addition that can be made to an interior is changing shades on light fixtures. And this option isn’t just for portable lamps – many varieties of stationary lighting fixtures have replaceable shades, as well.

Shades for pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces are available in a number of options:

  • Round or oval shapes
  • Silk, linen or paper material
  • Colors, patterns and textures to match any home decor

One large shade can cover the entire width of a fixture for a dramatic statement.

Progress Lighting’s Nisse chandelier features an oval drum shade with off-white silken fabric.

Or, smaller shades add a subtle treatment to individual lights and disguise not-so-elegant lamps, such as spiral CFLs.

Roxbury fixtures have optional round drum shades in a variety of colors.

The beauty of today’s lighting options is that homeowners have the freedom to personalize designs without replacing fixtures. Drum shades add versatility and décor options to any room for years of enjoyment.

Enter our Light Up Your Home Sweepstakes!

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Recycle your look for a less complicated, clean design. Wisten is a simple, modern and balanced collection that is perfect for today’s understated interiors. Enter for your chance to win one these timeless five-light chandeliers from Progress Lighting and Riverbend Home, now through December 17, 2013

Good luck!

Lighting: The Great Differentiator

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When someone is buying or selling a home, there is always the question: “What really differentiates one home from the next?” Sometimes, homebuilders and homeowners really miss the importance of lighting.

Any of the finished products within the home, as well as on the home’s exterior are really what makes one home stand out from another.  We always like to say, “lighting is like the jewelry of the home.”  Meaning, it’s possible to build a good home and then significantly change the perceived value through trim upgrades, carpentry, plumbing fixtures and appliances.  This, of course, includes lighting, too.

In other words, anything the buyer is going to optically see will make a difference.

Think about the importance of “curb appeal,” when the buyer is looking at the exterior and architecture of a home.  If the home is well lit and features the latest in outdoor lanterns and landscape lighting, that will give the home much more value than if it was lit with outdated or poor performing fixtures.

So what can you do to make your home stand out? Keep these lighting tips in mind:

-       Create a welcoming atmosphere through lighting – A well-lit space invites guests in your home, making them feel more comfortable.  Alternatively, individuals may feel unsafe or unsettled if areas of your home are dark or poorly lit.

-       Coordinate! – Lighting fixtures should complement and coordinate with finished products, such as faucet fixtures and door hardware.  For example, if you have nickel faucet fixtures and light kits, stay away from black or bronze finishes for lighting fixtures within the same room.

-       Stay current with the latest trends – Think about the last time you entered a home that seemed a bit “dated.” Chandeliers, wall sconces and exterior fixtures that are on trend deliver a higher perceived value to those who are visiting your home.

It’s important to stay on trend when selecting the right lighting for your homes.  Progress Lighting understands the marketplace and offers lighting solutions that are going to complement the latest home furnishings.

What’s on trend now

-       We’re seeing that minimalistic designs with clean and simple features are very popular.

-       Antique Bronze and Brushed Nickel are some of our most popular selling finishes.

-       Also, consumers are looking for fixtures with textured glass (think seeded glass) to hide CFL lamps.

A few of Progress Lighting’s most popular builder collections include:

JoyThe fashion-forward, voluminous curves create a soft and stylish profile.

BravoA current, truly transitional style – an upgraded scale at an unbelievable price point.

HeartFixtures are curvaceous, flowing and competitively priced.

Transform your bathroom into a soothing retreat

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The room where you start and end your day should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Transform your master bathroom into a soothing retreat with these tips from Better Homes and Gardens – and lighting updates from Progress Lighting’s Relax lifestyle.

Homeowners often forgo full-size tubs to save space; However, a hot bath to soak sore muscles after a long day is the perfect way to retreat. Featured Progress Lighting collection: Chanelle

The Pavilion collection features playful accents with flowing lines ideal for a variety of bath and vanity areas.

Shelving surrounding the tub helps the room feel more like a living space. Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

The Heart collection will bring romance to your bathroom with flowing arms that gently cradle etched glass bowls. A chandelier hung over the tub adds soothing elegance.

Double sinks offer homeowners their own personal space. Featured Progress Lighting collection: Victorian