Trend Alert: Orbs, circular-inspired lighting

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Orbs or circular-inspired fixtures are trending in today’s home designs. In response to this shift towards airy, round fixtures with exposed bulbs, we have expanded our stunning Equinox collection to include oversized oval designs. We are pleased to unveil these introductions at this week’s Dallas Market! Come and see us in showroom TM-3840 to get an up-close look at Equinox.

And if you aren’t in Dallas, take a look at how our popular Equinox brings even more depth to homeowners and designers with these additions.

The new eight-light candelabra coordinates beautifully with our Equinox mini-pendants.

The oval candelabra pendant is ideal for linear installations – over a farmhouse table, dining room setting or kitchen island. Available in Burnished Silver or Antique Bronze finishes.

The Equinox collection is a great addition to interiors with a rustic design. The new oval candelabra was originally previewed in the 2014 New American Home.

View the entire Equinox collection here.

Shining Light on LEDs: Incorporating LEDs into your home design

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So far in our “Shining Light on LEDs” blog series, we have covered the basics of LED lighting, as well as the energy saving benefits of these sources. Read on to discover the versatility of LEDs as we uncover the many ways you can incorporate LED lighting into your home design scheme.

Progress Lighting makes switching to LEDs easy by offering a variety of options – from statement decorative fixtures to subtle accent lights. Here are four ways you can use LED lights in your home.

Recessed Lighting

Replacing recessed fixtures with LED sources is an easy way to use LEDs to create beautiful ambient lighting. Check out our previous post on the Basics of Recessed Lighting for tips on choosing and installing recessed fixtures –  from sizing to spacing.

Image courtesy of Ryland Homes (

Accent Lighting

LED sources can add visual interest  to any room of the home through accent illumination. Try using an LED step light along a walkway, stairs or on the side of a kitchen island.

Image featuring Progress Lighting's LED Step Light

Task Lighting

Consider adding undercabinet lighting to enhance task or work areas. Progress Lighting’s LED undercabinet series, or LED tape light, can be used to brighten kitchen counter spaces and improve functionality.

Undercabinet lighting in the kitchen helps you to easily complete everyday tasks like chopping vegetables or reading a recipe.

Decorative Lighting

With energy efficiency on the rise, more decorative fixtures have begun to incorporate LED sources. For example, the Progress Lighting Bingo collection comes with replaceable LED modules in a bold and beautiful design.

Bingo offers a new facet of customization with the option to replace distressed mirror surfaces with fabrics and other materials.

How have you elected to incorporate LED lighting into your home?

How To: Paint schemes and fixture finishes

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When planning a remodel or updating the paint scheme in your home, it’s important to consider the relationship between select finishes and colors. Naturally, certain lighting and appliance finishes look better with some colors over others. Before splashing the walls with your most-loved hue or purchasing that gorgeous silver chandelier, take a look at this quick color guide for our suggestions on the best paint color and fixture finish pairings.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

A naturally dark, rich metal that captures the timeless beauty of old world artisanship, Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures breathe warmth into bold interior designs.

If you want your Bronze fixtures to pop, place them against a neutral backdrop such as an off-white with a hint of rusty red or brown. To further the relaxing and earthy quality of the finish, pair with gentle hues and cool, hazy-day tones found in nature. For a more bold design, try a deep charcoal to complement the metal’s glint.

Gold/Polished Brass

Polished Brass fixtures have a beautiful reflective quality that brings strikingly warm beauty to a room. Gold finishes are becoming increasingly popular in today’s interior settings.

Polished Brass offers an assertive look that contrasts well with warm, dark rooms adorned with deep red-orange hues. The finish also coordinates in cool rooms, bringing a burst of warm, glowing color to blue-green walls. Brass also pairs well with lavender and pink, which are near complements of its tone.

Brushed Nickel

One of our most popular fixture options, Brushed Nickel is a resilient metal that coordinates with a variety of design schemes. Offered in both modern and traditional families, Brushed Nickel is a cool metal – but the brushed quality gives it hinting warmth.

Neutrals – such as an ivory, light brown, beige or slate – blend well with Brushed Nickel fixtures and create a soft, yet modern, effect. The muted silver tone of Brushed Nickel blends well with purple, from lavender to plum. Blues and greens also make attractive pairings that lend to a calming environment. If you are feeling bold, consider a navy accent wall to offset the light color of Brushed Nickel fixtures.

What fixture and color pairings do you adore in your home?

Shining Light on LEDs: Energy Savings

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With the rapid advancement of lighting technology, LEDs are quickly surpassing the efficiency of more traditional lighting, including fluorescent and incandescent sources. Progress Lighting offers LEDs that meet strict requirements for maximum energy savings and superior performance.

The P2300 LED flush mount from Progress Lighting meets Energy Star standards, ensuring high quality performance, brightness and color consistency.

When you select a high-quality LED fixture, you can expect a significant ROI from an energy conservation standpoint. Here are some of the energy saving benefits of LEDs from Progress Lighting:

  • LED sources use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, allowing homeowners to save on operating expenses.
  • LEDs last 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent sources and approximately 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. This means less bulb maintenance.
  • LEDs do not produce heat like traditional sources, reducing cooling costs. Traditional incandescent bulbs waste 98% of the energy they consume on heat.
  • LEDs do not use power when they are turned off.

Although the upfront costs are more expensive, LEDs pay for themselves in an estimated three years timespan due to the significant energy savings. According to MSN Real Estate, LED lights, which are up to 90% more efficient than incandescents, can result in an annual lighting bill as low as $26.

Not sure how to incorporate LED lighting into your home’s design? Stay tuned as we unpack LED lighting applications in the home in our Shining Light on LEDs series next week on the blog!

Redefining the LED Landscape with P8022

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Progress Lighting recently unveiled one of its most innovative LED designs – the new P8022 Series. The P8022 unites performance, cost and safety benefits for an LED solution unlike any other on the market.

The first of its kind, the P8022 is designed for both surface mounted and recessed applications, while also eliminating the need for a traditional LED driver. This cost-effective source offers superior performance in a sleek design – at the right price.

Additional key features include:

  • Designed for recessed and commercial settings
  • Classified for wet locations and fire-rated application
  • Slim profile to coordinate with any design scheme
  • 120V alternating current, without a traditional LED driver
  • 17 watt input power with 1070 lumen output
  • Easy installation into junction boxes and multi-sized recessed housing

See just how simple it is to install the fixture by watching this how-to video:

Stay tuned as we continue our “Shining Light on LEDs” series next week on the blog!

Shining Light on LEDs: The Basics

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With more and more homeowners completing renovations in 2014 and the recent phase out of certain light sources, it seems everyone is talking about LED lighting. These energy-efficient sources provide numerous benefits – from energy savings to aesthetic appeal.

With all the LED buzz, this month, we will be hosting a weekly blog series titled ” Shining Light on LEDs.” Our goal of this series is to to do just that: Shine light on what the LED revolution is all about. Our team of lighting experts comes together to unpack all you need to know to take advantage of these energy efficient sources.

Let’s start with some of the basics about LED lighting:

How LEDs work

  • LED lighting products use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently. An electrical current passed through semiconductor material illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs. The heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink.

Saving energy with LEDs

  • According to the Department of Energy, “LEDs offer the potential for cutting general lighting energy use nearly in half by 2030, saving energy dollars and carbon emissions in the process.”

Inherent benefits of LEDs

  • LEDs have many unique, inherent benefits including long life, ease of maintenance, resistance to breakage, lack of infrared or ultraviolet emissions, and instant-on performance.

Measuring color in LEDs

  • Color appearance is communicated using correlated color temperature (CCT) on the Kelvin (K) scale. For most interior lighting applications, warm-white (2700K to 3000K) is preferred.

Expected Life of LEDs

  • Good-quality white LEDs in well-designed fixtures are expected to have a useful life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or longer.

Stay tuned! Next week we shine light on the energy saving benefits of LED lighting.

Sources: Energy Star, Learn About LEDs. Department of Energy, LED Basics.

Top 5 Pins of the Week

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With the help of image-driven social media sites like Pinterest and Houzz, today, designing the home you love with the features you want is easier than ever.

Our Pinterest boards are filled with inspiring room settings and on-trend lighting applications to match your unique style. Browse this week’s favorite pins among our followers, and don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for home ideas and inspiration.

Thinking of redoing a kitchen or bar area? Progress Lighting's Haven collection offers mini-pendants that would go great over a kitchen island or a wet bar. Available in Copper Bronze finish; CFL light source.

Beautiful room shot featuring our Alexa collection. Photo courtesy of Ryland Homes -

Illuma Flex track lighting installed in a kitchen from Progress Lighting.

A spa-inspired bathroom setting complete with the Progress Lighting Dibs collection.

Add an unexpected industrial-inspired flair with the Progress Lighting Fresnel collection.

Top 5 Lighting Trends

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Better Homes and Gardens editor Sam Hart unpacks the Top 5 Lighting Trends in a recent video featuring several Progress Lighting designs. Watch the video for lighting inspiration, and scroll below to see how our most recent designs embrace these top trends.

1. LED: With the phasing out of traditional incandescent sources, LED has come to the forefront of lighting design. New, innovative designs not only contribute to energy savings, but they complement both traditional and contemporary interior settings.

Our Bingo collection doubles as a light fixture and work of art. Available with replaceable LED modules.

2. Natural Materials: On-trend fixtures aren’t just inspired by nature, but they actually incorporate natural materials such as recycled wood, embodying a warm, rustic design.

Our Rush outdoor fixture is made of recycled bamboo wood.

3. Mini-pendants in sets or clusters: When it comes to pendant lighting in 2014, the more the merrier! Today’s homes mix and match decorative pendants for a fresh way to add task lighting to your layered lighting design.

Pendant styles hung at staggering heights create an intriguing and beautiful visual.

4. Orbs: Circular fixtures with exposed bulbs are trending in home design. Our Equinox collection offers adjustable ringed fixtures, available in a variety of sizes.

Project completed by Mary DeWalt Design Group, featuring our Equinox pendants.

5. Glamour: The glam trend is all about adding sparkle and shimmer –  and making a statement.

Noir highlights a Hollywood glamour style with a shiny Polished Nickel finish and clear crystal teardrops.

Pendants with personality

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The best thing about pendants is that they come in a variety of shapes, styles and finishes, offering fresh additions that match almost any design style. From the fun and flirty Kiss collection to the masculine, industrial-inspired Fresnel family, Progress Lighting offers pendants designed with the homeowner’s tastes in mind.

Which of these pendants match your personality?

Tomboy Chic

Inspired by industrial roots, the Progress Lighting fresnel pendants bring touches of masculinity to the kitchen. Accent their masculine appeal with chic white cabinets for a beautiful display.

Calm & Collected

There’s hardly any collection more soothing than Progress Lighting’s Alexa collection. Featuring soft, etched glass, and a classy Brushed Nickel finish, these pendants bring a spa-like feel to calming interiors.


Progress Lighting’s Kiss, Modera and Glass Pendants come together for your not-so-typical bathroom display. Combining modern pendants makes for an artful solution to vanity lighting.


Progress Lighting’s Archie collection embodies retro styling with double prismatic glass and finely crafted knob and strap details. Express your love of the past with these popular pendants.

Fun & Flirty

The Progress Lighting Kiss collection gives interior settings sweet kisses of light. These sleek and shiny pendants contribute to an upbeat and lively approach to interior design.

For more pendant designs from Progress Lighting, visit

What’s trending in bathroom design

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According to the National Association of Homebuilders, bathroom trends for 2014 are inspired by clean, simplistic designs, energy-efficient features and a spa-like relaxation. Take a look at what this year’s dream bathrooms are certain to include:

Sinks and vanities

  • Floating vanities enhance the open feel of the room. A simple countertop with cabinet and drawers or a few shelves underneath is mounted on the the wall and seems to float above the floor, leaving an uninterrupted flow and easier cleaning.

Image featuring Progress Lighting Arise collection

  • Granite and marble remain popular for vanity tops, shelves and ledges, but increasingly home owners are using new stone-based composite materials such as Caesarstone, which combines natural quartz with resins to retain the beauty of the natural stone.
  • Simple, sleek lines in faucets are trending. Tubular faucets express basic unity of form and function, with wall- and sink-mounted models.


  • Multiple shower heads for different water effects with walls and floors of nature-inspired colors and materials create a spa-like experience.
  • Frameless glass is the choice for shower doors, keeping sight lines open and enhancing the clear, spacious aesthetics.

Image featuring Progress Lighting Chloe collection


  • Toilets with a smooth, unified design, low water use and ease of cleaning are making a showing.


  • Layered lighting design, with different fixtures to illuminate different areas of the room, creates an inviting visual atmosphere while lighting each area for its uses.

Image featuring Progress Lighting Rock On collection

  • Vanity light fixtures are emphasizing clean, graphic lines, energy efficiency, and softening sconces.
  • Pendant lighting adds visual interest, and brings lighting to exactly the desired location and height for grooming or other activities. A single large pendant light, such as one from Progress Lighting’s Markor collection, above a sink provides good task lighting and makes a bold statement.

Image featuring Progress Lighting Markor collection

  • Recessed or flush mounted ceiling LED lighting fixtures softly illuminate a shower area. Some shower heads even contain softly colored LED lights for a fun added glow.


  • Sound technology in the bathroom brings music to the spa-like atmosphere of the room. Recessed wall speakers, even a shower head containing Bluetooth speakers deliver the sound experience.

For more on 2014 bathroom lighting trends from the NAHB, visit