Progress Lighting Team Updates

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We are very excited to announce that Todd Roy was recently promoted from Director of Builder Sales and Marketing to National Sales Director. Additionally, we have expanded our marketing team with the hire of Jennifer Kis as Key Account Marketing Manager.

Read on to learn how these exciting team updates will allow us to continue to serve and bring value to our customers and builder partners.

Todd Roy, Progress Lighting National Sales Director

Prior to directing marketing and sales initiatives for Progress Lighting’s builder segments, Roy served in the National Accounts Department, after beginning his career as an Account Manager in 1999. During his tenure, Roy has greatly expanded the breadth of the company’s North American business, while developing strong relationships with national builder partners and distributors.

Roy will assume the responsibilities of Bob Sale, who retired in mid-July after more than 20 years of distinguished service at the company.

Jennifer Kis, Progress Lighting Key Account Marketing Manager

Kis joins Progress Lighting with nearly 20 years of public relations, international marketing, agency and client relations experience. In her role, Kis will be responsible for leading marketing efforts to further accelerate growth on the rapidly expanding Ferguson and partnerships.

Her recent work history includes developing and executing integrated marketing plans for a diverse client base at Jackson Marketing Group. She has also worked abroad in Munich, Germany for Pepper GmbH, an international marketing agency. Prior to her work in Germany, she held communication positions at Greenville-based companies Erwin Penland and Michelin North America.

Please join us in congratulating Todd – and welcoming Jennifer to the team!

Our designer’s top 3 favorite collections

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Of the more than 4,000 fixtures offered by Progress Lighting, have you ever wondered which ones are favorites among our designers? Well, we did! We’re excited to share a behind-the-scenes look from the person who turns inspired ideas into the on-trend, stylish fixtures that decorate your home.

Senior Product Designer James Thomas shares his top three most-loved collections from Progress Lighting. Which are your favorites?

“I like Bingo because it doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional lighting fixture. It can be mounted on a ceiling or a wall (horizontally or vertically) and was designed to function as a piece of art as much as a source of light. The frame features antique mirrored glass pieces as accents, but users can customize the fixture by covering them with fabric, wallpaper, pictures, etc. As a designer, I like to see how people choose to make the products I design their own.”

“The Equinox pendant series was inspired by antique armillary spheres. The customer can position the rotating rings around the center cluster of light, allowing for a bit of customization. I have seen these fixtures placed in all types of interiors from modern to rustic traditional, so I am happy to see that the design has widespread appeal and is not defined by a single category.”

“Finally, Haven is a design that has a modern feel, but was definitely influenced heavily by classic Craftsman furniture. Like Equinox, this group works across a range of styles, and I like to see our customers use it in a wide variety of interior decors.”

To view the full interview with Progress Lighting designer James Thomas, visit the Bungalow Company blog.

One Fixture, Four Ways

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Created with mid-century designs in mind, the Markor collection adds a splash of vintage modern flair to today’s interiors. We’ve noticed our popular Markor pendant cloaked in a bold, black shade has made it’s way into a variety of unique applications. From the bedroom to the bathroom, who knew one pendant light could offer so much versatility?

See how this one fixture can offer both functional and fashionable lighting to almost any room of the home in today’s “One Fixture, Four Ways” series.

Place two large Markor pendants above a kitchen island to further your color-blocked design scheme with bold accents. These paired pendants make a statement in this kitchen completed by Ryland Homes (

Homeowners are getting creative with their bathroom lighting by replacing their traditional vanity with with an over-sized pendant above sink areas.

Who needs a table-side lamp when you can “wow” your guests with a contemporary pendant instead? We’ve noticed designers using pendants in new applications where you would expect to see a table lamp. This is a great way to bring an updated flair to your home.

Over-sized pendants are a natural fit above dining room tables. Markor is the perfect unifier in this white-washed setting with a bold twist.

Which application of our Markor collection is your favorite?

How to create a cohesive lighting design

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When it comes to decorating and remodeling your home, decisions are anything but sparse. From the the paint on the walls to the counter tops to the cabinet color, choosing hues and materials that coordinate can often present a challenge for homeowners. Luckily, Progress Lighting makes it easy to coordinate fixtures from room to room by offering collections with depth, taking the guesswork out of the decision making process.

Browse more than 5,000 fixtures until you settle on a lighting family you love to use in your home.  If you don’t want to completely match the design from room to room, try focusing on a Progress Lighting “lifestyle” to carry the same vibe throughout, but with different collections.

See how this home by Stephen Alexander Homes uses Progress Lighting’s North Park collection to create a beautiful and cohesive design throughout the home.

North Park offers an updated spin on a traditional design. Simplifying traditional fixtures is a popular trend in today’s homes. Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes.
The North Park family was designed as a new take on traditional square glass craftsman style light fixtures. It fits that style, but the simplified shapes give it an updated feel. Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes.
The North Park close-to-ceiling fixture makes a positive first impression in this home’s entryway. Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes.
The craftsman style of North Park is even consistent in the home’s master bath.  Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes.

To view the North Park collection, visit

Shining Light on LEDs: Outdoor Solutions

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Last week we detailed ways to use LED sources inside your home. From decorative wall mounts to recessed ambient lights, there are dozens of ways to incorporate these energy efficient fixtures into your interior design. To close out our “Shining Light on LEDs” series, we will take a look at the benefits and ways to incorporate LEDs into your outdoor space.

Outdoor LEDs are very popular due to some key advantages over other light sources. Some of these include:

  • Safety: Because LEDs do not produce an exceptional amount of heat like other landscape and outdoor options, homeowners can be at ease knowing their outdoor LED lights will illuminate their property with minimum fire risk. Additionally, children playing in the yard are not at risk for burns due to the low temperature compared to other light sources that can get very hot.
  • Energy: The energy saving benefits are even more applicable to exterior settings since outdoor lights are often left on for hours at a time.
  • Maintenance: Outdoor lights can be difficult (and time consuming) to replace, especially for lights on a roof. An LED lamp can last up to 20 years, making LEDs an extremely low maintenance solution.

Outdoor LEDs can be used in a variety of ways, including:

Down Lights

Shine LED down lights on areas ideal for outdoor entertaining. Recessed LED fixtures create a comfortable environment and add to your home’s safety and security.

Progress Lighting's recessed LED fixtures illuminate the exterior of the 2014 New American Home

Path Lights

Guide guests along exterior pathways and steps using LED path lights.

Progress Lighting's P5298_31 LED path light

Spot Lights

LED spot lights can be used to highlight architecture, gardens and key focal points of your landscape design. Spot lights also add visual intrigue to exterior areas, boosting curb appeal.

Progress Lighting's P5299_31 LED spot light

Wall Lanterns

Like down lights, LED wall lanterns contribute to the mood of outdoor living areas. Make guests feel at ease in your outdoor space by positioning wall lanterns around popular gathering spaces.

Progress Lighting's P3715_31 wall lantern

Thank you for following our “Shining Light on LEDs” series! We hope you enjoyed learning the many benefits of LED sources and ways to apply them to your home’s design. Be sure to check out Progress Lighting’s entire LED offering at

Trend Alert: Orbs, circular-inspired lighting

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Orbs or circular-inspired fixtures are trending in today’s home designs. In response to this shift towards airy, round fixtures with exposed bulbs, we have expanded our stunning Equinox collection to include oversized oval designs. We are pleased to unveil these introductions at this week’s Dallas Market! Come and see us in showroom TM-3840 to get an up-close look at Equinox.

And if you aren’t in Dallas, take a look at how our popular Equinox brings even more depth to homeowners and designers with these additions.

The new eight-light candelabra coordinates beautifully with our Equinox mini-pendants.

The oval candelabra pendant is ideal for linear installations – over a farmhouse table, dining room setting or kitchen island. Available in Burnished Silver or Antique Bronze finishes.

The Equinox collection is a great addition to interiors with a rustic design. The new oval candelabra was originally previewed in the 2014 New American Home.

View the entire Equinox collection here.

Shining Light on LEDs: Incorporating LEDs into your home design

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So far in our “Shining Light on LEDs” blog series, we have covered the basics of LED lighting, as well as the energy saving benefits of these sources. Read on to discover the versatility of LEDs as we uncover the many ways you can incorporate LED lighting into your home design scheme.

Progress Lighting makes switching to LEDs easy by offering a variety of options – from statement decorative fixtures to subtle accent lights. Here are four ways you can use LED lights in your home.

Recessed Lighting

Replacing recessed fixtures with LED sources is an easy way to use LEDs to create beautiful ambient lighting. Check out our previous post on the Basics of Recessed Lighting for tips on choosing and installing recessed fixtures –  from sizing to spacing.

Image courtesy of Ryland Homes (

Accent Lighting

LED sources can add visual interest  to any room of the home through accent illumination. Try using an LED step light along a walkway, stairs or on the side of a kitchen island.

Image featuring Progress Lighting's LED Step Light

Task Lighting

Consider adding undercabinet lighting to enhance task or work areas. Progress Lighting’s LED undercabinet series, or LED tape light, can be used to brighten kitchen counter spaces and improve functionality.

Undercabinet lighting in the kitchen helps you to easily complete everyday tasks like chopping vegetables or reading a recipe.

Decorative Lighting

With energy efficiency on the rise, more decorative fixtures have begun to incorporate LED sources. For example, the Progress Lighting Bingo collection comes with replaceable LED modules in a bold and beautiful design.

Bingo offers a new facet of customization with the option to replace distressed mirror surfaces with fabrics and other materials.

How have you elected to incorporate LED lighting into your home?

How To: Paint schemes and fixture finishes

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When planning a remodel or updating the paint scheme in your home, it’s important to consider the relationship between select finishes and colors. Naturally, certain lighting and appliance finishes look better with some colors over others. Before splashing the walls with your most-loved hue or purchasing that gorgeous silver chandelier, take a look at this quick color guide for our suggestions on the best paint color and fixture finish pairings.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

A naturally dark, rich metal that captures the timeless beauty of old world artisanship, Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures breathe warmth into bold interior designs.

If you want your Bronze fixtures to pop, place them against a neutral backdrop such as an off-white with a hint of rusty red or brown. To further the relaxing and earthy quality of the finish, pair with gentle hues and cool, hazy-day tones found in nature. For a more bold design, try a deep charcoal to complement the metal’s glint.

Gold/Polished Brass

Polished Brass fixtures have a beautiful reflective quality that brings strikingly warm beauty to a room. Gold finishes are becoming increasingly popular in today’s interior settings.

Polished Brass offers an assertive look that contrasts well with warm, dark rooms adorned with deep red-orange hues. The finish also coordinates in cool rooms, bringing a burst of warm, glowing color to blue-green walls. Brass also pairs well with lavender and pink, which are near complements of its tone.

Brushed Nickel

One of our most popular fixture options, Brushed Nickel is a resilient metal that coordinates with a variety of design schemes. Offered in both modern and traditional families, Brushed Nickel is a cool metal – but the brushed quality gives it hinting warmth.

Neutrals – such as an ivory, light brown, beige or slate – blend well with Brushed Nickel fixtures and create a soft, yet modern, effect. The muted silver tone of Brushed Nickel blends well with purple, from lavender to plum. Blues and greens also make attractive pairings that lend to a calming environment. If you are feeling bold, consider a navy accent wall to offset the light color of Brushed Nickel fixtures.

What fixture and color pairings do you adore in your home?

Shining Light on LEDs: Energy Savings

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With the rapid advancement of lighting technology, LEDs are quickly surpassing the efficiency of more traditional lighting, including fluorescent and incandescent sources. Progress Lighting offers LEDs that meet strict requirements for maximum energy savings and superior performance.

The P2300 LED flush mount from Progress Lighting meets Energy Star standards, ensuring high quality performance, brightness and color consistency.

When you select a high-quality LED fixture, you can expect a significant ROI from an energy conservation standpoint. Here are some of the energy saving benefits of LEDs from Progress Lighting:

  • LED sources use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, allowing homeowners to save on operating expenses.
  • LEDs last 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent sources and approximately 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. This means less bulb maintenance.
  • LEDs do not produce heat like traditional sources, reducing cooling costs. Traditional incandescent bulbs waste 98% of the energy they consume on heat.
  • LEDs do not use power when they are turned off.

Although the upfront costs are more expensive, LEDs pay for themselves in an estimated three years timespan due to the significant energy savings. According to MSN Real Estate, LED lights, which are up to 90% more efficient than incandescents, can result in an annual lighting bill as low as $26.

Not sure how to incorporate LED lighting into your home’s design? Stay tuned as we unpack LED lighting applications in the home in our Shining Light on LEDs series next week on the blog!