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Are you building a new home, remodeling your current house or just looking for a refresh? Pinterest is an excellent place to find inspiration for any home improvement project!

Check out a few of the most popular Progress Lighting fixtures trending on Pinterest…

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This week’s top lighting and home style articles

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With the holiday season upon us and a new year quickly approaching, our favorite articles this week are all about home makeovers, year-end reviews and Christmas lights! Missed our Facebook posts? Check out the links here:

Our Bingo collection was featured in Enlightenment magazine's Best of 2012 Wrap Up

High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Exterior Designs

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The lighting industry has experienced many technological advances throughout the past few decades. As a result, CFL and LED fixtures are readily available for residential purposes. High performing and energy efficient fixtures are becoming not only more practical on the interior, but also in exterior lighting designs.

With the wide availability of CFLs and LEDs, High Performance Lighting should be applied to the outside of the home as well. In an HPL exterior lighting design, practical and functional purposes take priority over decoration. High efficiency fixtures should be applied to three key areas:

1)   Circulation paths and points of entry – doors, walkways, driveways

2)   Activity areas – patios, decks, service yards

3)   Security lighting – building surfaces, service areas

If decorative lighting is desired, such as for holidays or landscape illumination, high efficiency fixtures should be employed. Did you know LED holiday lights are now available? This year’s Rockefeller Christmas tree is decorated with over 30,000 multi-colored high efficiency LED lights.

How will you apply High Performance Lighting to the outside spaces of your home?

This week’s lighting recap!

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The last week of November – we hope it has been a great one! In case you’ve missed out on our social media posts this week, here’s our weekly recap. We’ve shared information on an upcoming trade show we’re attending in January, as well as indoor lighting tips and trends. Enjoy!

Weekly Round Up!

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The holidays are officially here, and we hope you all have a great weekend with friends and family. If you missed out on some of our favorite social media posts, we’ve rounded them up for you to view here. We’ve included lots of inspiration for indoor lighting, an upcoming trade show and one of our favorite pendant families. Enjoy!

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Weekly Lighting Round-Up!

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Less than a week until Thanksgiving! In case you have been busy preparing for the holiday, we’ve got our weekly recap with all of our favorite social media highlights. This is the last day for our Pnterest promotion so be sure to get your boards in! We’ve also included indoor lighting design inspiration as well as industry news.

High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Bathroom

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Much like the kitchen, bathrooms put great emphasis on specific task areas and require much detail to lighting plans. The most demanding area for light is at the vanity mirror, while the tub, shower and commode areas need adequate light as well. So just how to do apply high performance lighting to your bath and vanity space?

A single good-quality fixture at the vanity can effectively illuminate small bath and powder rooms.  Almost all bathroom designs include vanity lighting above or beside the mirror.  Larger bathrooms generally need additional fixtures in addition to the vanity. These HPL designs are categorized into 3 parts by the U.S. Department of Energy:

  • Direct Lighting- This design provides simple yet efficient lighting. Fixtures have the ability to flood the room with light in all directions. A single light bar above the vanity is a good source of direct lighting.
  • Recessed Lighting- The use of recessed downlights gives a subdued and elegant pattern of lighting while still providing excellent glare control. This design typically requires additional vanity lights or sconces above and on either side of  the mirror.
  • Indirect Lighting- In bath and vanity areas, indirect lighting designs use valances, wall washers or coves to provide quality lighting with excellent glare control. Wall wash lighting can be used to visually expand the room, while a single light valance at the vanity is often sufficient enough for the entire room.

What HPL designs have you applied – or would like to apply – to your bath and vanity space? Check out these designs for inspiration:

This Week’s Lighting Round-Up

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What an exciting week it has been here at Progress Lighting! We hope you have been a part of our social media activity this week, but if you haven’t, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our weekly round up!

Monday we launched our holiday Pinterest promotion, “12 Days of Pinning!” If you haven’t started creating your board yet – you’ve got one more week! We’ve also shared with you our recent coverage in enLIGHTenment magazine, our latest High Performance Lighting Guide and some fun unique interior lighting designs. Happy Friday!

“12 Days of Pinning!” Pinterest Promotion

enLIGHTenment: 98071 and IllumaFlex feature (p. 34 & 36)

High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Kitchen

Underground LED Wine Cellar

Houzz Share

High Performance Lighting Guide for the Home: Kitchen

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Because it caters to so many different activities, kitchen lighting tends to be more complex than other rooms of the home. Lighting is needed for food preparation, family gatherings or finishing homework, which often requires ambient lighting to also serve as task lighting. Key areas that need to be properly lit are the counters, including sinks and appliances. It is important to take note of the three types of lighting applications to ensure your kitchen is illuminated for quality and functionality.

  • Direct lighting- This design provides simple, efficient direct illumination. A high level flood of light throughout the room provides task lighting for countertops, peninsulas or additional tables.
  • Recessed lighting- Recessed lighting should be installed directly above the front edge of the countertop to provide ample counter illumination and light into the interior of cabinets. Additional downlights should be added for general lighting, and undercabinet lights can be installed for better counter lighting and to reduce shadows. Pendants may be substituted for recessed downlights over peninsula counters, free standing counters or additional tables.
  • Indirect lighting- Primarily, indirect designs involve cove and undercabinet lighting in order to provide task, as well as ambient lighting, for the room.

Which of these HPL designs below would best fit your kitchen space?