Lighting showrooms: How do you manage energy use?

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We talk about the benefits of LEDs, CFLs and other energy efficient sources all the time in the lighting industry. But how can efficiency be maintained in a lighting showroom, where hundreds – maybe even thousands – of lamps and fixtures are lit on the sales floor? The September issue of Residential Lighting explores this topic in the article “Power Play.”

Lighting showrooms give customers a chance to look, feel, evaluate and compare each product – a benefit over online retailers. But with the power burden to keep the lights running and maintain a comfortable temperature, the advantage can come with a hefty price tag.

Many showrooms are discovering lighting control systems to help keep energy consumption and air conditioning costs in check. These systems operate by limiting the number of fixtures that can be illuminated at any given time, and may also help showrooms cut down on maintenance time and costs.

In addition, controlling the number of fixtures lit at any given time may help easily overwhelmed customers concentrate on one product at a time.

For those of you in the showroom business, are you using lighting control systems? If so, what benefits have you seen in your store?

The role of color in health care lighting

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Health care interior environments include a number of elements that must work together to create a healing space, and everyone’s experience is unique. But did you know that the color of light can have a profound effect on circadian rhythms, which affect a patient’s ability to heal more quickly?

We read a few key findings in the most recent issue of Health Facilities Management:

  • Light with a cool blue color tend to suppress the nocturnal fall of the core temperature and the amount of melatonin produced by the body.
  • Warm light does not suppress either of these biological reactions.

In simple terms, cool light at night essentially wakes up the body. Research also shows the influence of light in different temperatures on humans affects blood pressure and heart rate.

So what are the options for lighting design in these environments? Interior designers may not have control over the light emitted by monitors and medical equipment, but they can control the colors of the light sources and provide the correct lamps in the spaces they design.

What do you think the future holds for lighting design in unique environments like health care facilities? Do you see lighting technology becoming capable  of simulating a day’s change in light color? We’d love to hear from designers on their strategy for choosing lighting color in different applications!

Hubbell Headquarters Goes Pink (part 2!)

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Last week we talked about Hubbell’s participation in Greenville’s “Businesses Go Pink Week” to support the local Susan G. Komen Affiliate. Here are a few pictures of the building at night.

We thought it turned out beautifully and wanted to share!

Cosmos for the Cure

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Last Thursday, members of the Hubbell Lighting team – including Progress Lighting – were invited to “Cosmos for the Cure,” a fun event dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness.

We recently shared that the Hubbell Lighting HQ is “going Pink for the Cure,” and Cosmos for the Cure is another effort we were proud to participate in with our community.

Check out photos from Cosmos for the Cure below, which raised more than $700 for the cause!

Hubbell Headquarters going Pink for the Cure!

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Hubbell Lighting’s shows its support for this weekend’s Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure event by planning to light its headquarters pink on Friday, Sept. 23.

The building (LEED Silver certified by USGBC):

  • Will feature pink lighting gels on the building’s exterior lighting fixtures.
  • Will re-light its signature beacon atop the building’s rotunda (normally lit with a 250w blue lamp) in a brilliant pink.

Are you planning to join in one of the thousand Race for the Cure events held around the nation? We’d love to hear how you – or your business – will “go pink!”

Progress Lighting 2.0

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As you may know, Progress Lighting has had a social media presence for the last couple of years – and an online presence (with our website) for even longer.

Recently, we looked at our Facebook and Twitter engagement and came up with the following findings.  We know that social media is a buzz word in the industry and thought maybe it would be helpful to share some of our insights.

  • People love promotions.  It’s a great way to increase engagement while building a loyal following.
  • People love pictures.  It’s one of the top things visitors respond to.
  • People love being taken care of.  Online tools and social media channels go hand in hand with good customer service.

We have really enjoyed engaging in conversations with our audience members online.  We encourage you to join us in the conversation!

Tips on lighting your kitchen

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We’re big fans of “How To” tips and ideas for lighting interior spaces, so we were excited to come across this short article and video on

When used correctly, lighting can improve the appearance of a room. Consider adding a variety of illumination sources to add depth, aesthetics and functionality to your kitchen:

  • Pendant Lights: These light fixtures extend down from the ceiling, and are a good way to provide direct lighting to an island or bar.
  • Sink Lights: A fixture is often installed directly over the sink to provide lighting while working.
  • Under Cabinet Lights: Small light fixtures can be installed under hanging cabinets to provide direct lighting to countertops.
  • Recessed Lights: Ceiling mounted recessed light fixtures can provide lighting around the perimeter in a kitchen as well as throughout the room.

Progress Lighting offers a variety of fixtures such as these – and more – to meet any home decor style.

This pendant from our Bravo collection works well over kitchen islands and dining areas.

An LED under cabinet light is an energy efficient way to illuminate counter spaces.

Why do LEDs cost so much?

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We all know the benefits of LEDs – especially when comparing the technology to traditional incandescent sources. And maybe there would be a faster shift toward the energy efficient luminaires, but the significant price difference holds many consumers back.

To break down exactly why LEDs cost more than other sources – and to help us weigh the benefits and options when choosing lighting – Consumer Reports offered the following insight in a recent article:

  • For starters, the number of LEDs made is minimal compared to the number of incandescent bulbs in production.
  • Producing LEDs takes a lot of effort and the process is expensive.
  • An LED bulb contains a number of components including a heat sink, driver, aluminum and semiconductor chips.

Although all of these factors (and more) affect the cost of LEDs, experts believe that just like other technologies, LED prices will continue to come down as performance goes up.

At this point, do you see LED technology as a worthwhile investment in energy efficiency? Or do you prefer alternative (and less expensive) sources, like CFLs?

A Twist on Designing With Lighting…

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So we all know that energy-sucking incandescent light bulbs are being phased out to more efficient versions.

But what do you do with all those incandescent bulbs when they burn out? Perhaps build a light bulb terrarium

We’d love to hear from our audience who has craft-making skills to let us know:

What could you create with an outdated, used bulb?

Progress Lighting’s Jim Decker to be honored at ALA Annual Conference

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Jim Decker at Dallas Market with Amber Adams, showroom marketing coordinator

Here at Progress Lighting, we’re honored to work alongside smart, dedicated professionals (who are also fun to be around!).

We’re excited for our own Jim Decker, who has been named one of this year’s Pillar of the Industry Award Winners!  The awards will be given out at the American Lighting Association Annual Conference in Palm Beach next month, where we’ll be cheering him on as he accepts an award that is dedicated to honoring individual achievements for advancing the lighting industry, which include:

  • Exceptional leadership in the development of decorative lighting industry’s first product data standard
  • Key member of the ALA Finance Committee and the Governor’s Nominating Committee
  • Also served as the chair of the Electronics Technology Committee, which is responsible for developing the product data standards

Other recipients of this year’s Pillar of the Industry Award are Larry W. King of Capital Lighting and Fred Fennell of Fennell Marketing and Sales.  Congratulations to all!