Bathroom lighting upgrades – Home Depot video

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Been thinking of renovating or revamping a bathroom in your home?  Check out the latest video from Home Depot, which shows you all the fun things to consider when tackling a bath and vanity makeover.

  • Change out your mirrors – This can immediately update the appearance of your bathroom. Be sure to choose a finish that matches your vanity.
  • Incorporate new lighting – Lighting can transform your bath and vanity into a spa-like atmosphere.  Use wall sconces, close-to-ceiling and recessed fixtures, which work together to reduce shadows and brighten the area.
  • Upgrade your toilet - Dual-flush toilets are now available to help conserve water usage.
  • Choose your shower heads- The right shower head will depend on whether you have a fixed shower or hand shower.  In fact, Delta’s Leeland fixed shower head is a favorite at Home Depot (and Progress Lighting offers the Leeland collection - a Delta bath match collection to help you coordinate!)

Have you recently remodeled your bathroom?  We’d love to see pictures!  Share them on our Facebook page today.

Color temperatures and applications

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Most of us know that there are different lighting fixtures for different uses. Task lighting, mood lighting and general lighting all play roles in residential and commercial environments.

But lighting also plays a big part in how we view other items in the home or office. And it’s important to view items – such as carpet, wall coverings and other accessories – under different color temperatures to know how they will be perceived in their respective applications.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Warm light is great for intimate experiences in environments, such as restaurants or boutiques.
  • Cool light is ideal for friendly and inviting areas, such as reception desks or showrooms.
  • Daylight provides bright light and replicates sunlight – and is mostly found in areas like museums, galleries and medical offices.

So, what does your lighting design say about your environment?  Take notice the next time you walk into a store or office and ask yourself, “Is this the intended effect?” You might be surprised what you find!

Introducing the Greening of Greenville LED Streetlight Pilot

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We have always been proud of our hometown of Greenville. We are in the Upstate of South Carolina, a beautiful part of the southeast and a hub for innovation and urban design.

When Greenville’s downtown was redesigned 30 years ago, an extensive tree canopy, on-street parking and wide pedestrian walkways were developed. Part of the plan also included streetlights that were grouped on matching black poles. The fixtures used mercury bulbs and lacked many of today’s modern innovations, including photocell technology to shut fixtures off during daylight.  Mercury bulbs have since been phased out and the original fixtures are no longer manufactured.

To reflect the spirit of innovation and Greenville’s vision for the future, Hubbell Lighting, our parent company, has partnered with Duke Energy and GE for the LED Streetlight Pilot. New LED streetlights will allow for quick upgrades or replacements by just updating a circuit board.  These lights are between 30% and 60% more energy efficient than other sources and also produce a white light.

Hubbell has deployed four different LED pedestrian light styles in a one-block area, which are expected to be installed in September 2011. We have heard of other communities adding LED technology to their streets, and we are excited to play a role in bringing innovation to our neck of the woods.

The LED Streetlight Pilot is one of several programs underway as part of the “Greening of Greenville” initiative. To read more about the program, check out the website.

The mother of all light sources

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We tend to spend a lot of our time focusing on modern light sources, such as fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diodes (LED).

But seeing how Progress Lighting is headquartered in Greenville, SC, it’s pretty hard to ignore the sun – our biggest source of light and heat – during the summer months.

It’s more than 90 degrees here today!

So, in honor of summertime, we wanted to pay tribute to our big shining star. Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Look at the picture closely and you can see our water fountains in the front of the building. I wonder how many people have wanted to take a swim in there lately. :-)

Seeing the Light in Tough Times

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Even though people may not be building houses like they were a few years ago, the lighting industry is still doing business. American Lighting Association (ALA) Conference keynote speaker Robert Stevenson says showrooms just need to “figure out ways to make it easy for customers to do business with you” in order to keep numbers up. He acknowledges the fact that it may not be the ideal time for the lighting industry, but encourages showrooms to rethink how to get customers to buy. Here are a few of Stevenson’s tips found in the June 2011 issue of  Residential Lighting.

  • Stay focused. Business is still being done, you just have to figure out new ways to get it.
  • Have a subcontractor on staff who can offer services at a lower price than an electrical contractor.
  • Have staff members who can help customers with decorating. Give them ideas. Make their lives easier.
  • Make your staff feel appreciated by allowing them to be involved in the thinking processes or your company. Show them you value their input and opinions.
  • Go through the city records and find people who bought houses 10 years ago and are not able to sell them now. Target those people by reaching out and showing them how they can make their house more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Maintain relationships with customers by getting email addresses and keeping in touch. Figure out ways to get in front of them.

Stevenson ends by saying “in business, there are three words for survival: Prospect. Prospect. Prospect. So rethink how you’re going to get people to buy lighting.”

Out with the Old

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Renovating a room can be a huge undertaking, unless you consider only updating a few pieces in the space. When you choose the right furniture and accessories to add or replace, you can have the same effect – but for less money and effort than a full overhaul.

Lighting fixtures are one way to change the look of the room without committing to an extensive project. The 2011 issue of Lighting, a Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication, offers a few great tips on how to update the look of a room by simply changing the lighting.

  • Get rid of the brass. This finish on fixtures was popular – 20 years ago. Brass is a sure signal that lighting is outdated.
  • Replace outdated glass. Housings grow old and tired, and a fixture’s glass can, too. Ask your lighting showroom about replacing large panels of glass with shades.
  • Forgo a chandelier for a few pendants over a dining table. If a room’s aesthetic allows, you can even mix pendant shades – different colors of glass, for example, or different shapes of glass in the same color.

These few simple steps can refresh the way you light the rooms in your home and give the space an updated look. Check out a few Progress Lighting fixtures below that can refresh a variety of home settings.

Need a break from the heat of summer?

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The official first day of summer is right around the corner, but the heat of the season has already made its debut.  Get ready for sunny days, cookouts and porch time with family and friends.

Although porches, decks and backyards create picturesque moments in our minds, in reality,  sometimes it can be a little too hot or humid to sit outside for an extended period of time. However, if you have a covered deck or patio space, a ceiling fan is a simple solution that will provide relief from summer temperatures.

Did you know that ceiling fans work just as well outside as they do inside? Ceiling fans are an excellent way to circulate air and provide lighting for your porch. Our friends at Lighting (a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication) have a few helpful tips when choosing the perfect fan:

  • For rooms measuring 200 square feet or less, a 36- to 52-inch-diameter blade sweep works best.
  • For rooms 200-400 square feet, two or more ceiling fans are usually needed to circulate air.

Check out Progress Lighting’s Crescent Heights ceiling fan, which was recently featured in the publication. We’d love to hear how you’re preparing your home and outdoor spaces for summer activities.

Progress participates in IBACOS Lab Home

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From the outside, the 2,100 square foot house may look like any other home in Pittsburgh’s Cobblestone Estates. But this is not your typical house.

The Energy Efficient Lab Home is the latest demonstration project from IBACOS, a building consulting firm that acts as the team leader for the Department of Energy’s Building America program. IBACOS brought in S&A Homes to build the house and also teamed up with Best Practices Research Alliance, a research-based community focused on improving the quality and performance of homes.

The team works to discover methods to stretch the limits of efficiency in order to discover a way to make net zero homes-homes that waste no energy- affordable to build.  S&A Homes completed the house in fall 2010 and the house will undergo round-the-clock performance testing for the next three years.

Along with many other systems being tested, various lighting schemes combining CFL, incandescent and LEDs will be tested. The study will look at how the Energy Star-rated appliances perform as part of the whole house. Progress Lighting was excited to have the opportunity to participate in the project by contributing several LED Energy Star qualified fixtures to be used in the house. We choose a variety of interior and exterior downlights, decorative lighting and outdoor fixtures to help complete this unique project.

“When it comes to solid state lighting products, Progress Lighting is committed to educating homeowners, homebuilders and consumers about the variety of lighting alternatives that are in the marketplace today,” says Todd Roy, director of builder sales and marketing for Progress Lighting. “By participating in programs such as the IBACOS Lab Home, Progress Lighting can show individuals, through real-world applications, that energy efficient lighting technologies can be incorporated into both new and existing homes, while saving energy and reducing environmental impact – without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.”

Check out a few of the fixtures Progress Lighting contributed to the project:

Progress Lighting helps one couple “Fix This Yard”

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Hopefully your yard isn’t “that yard.” You know, the one with overgrown weeks exploding out of the dead grass that causes the neighbors to cringe when they drive by?

But if you do have “that yard,” there is hope. Fix This Yard, a weekly project show on the A&E network, hosts Amy Devers and Alan Luxmore, a dream duo who help owners of needy homes completely renovate their yards and exteriors. Progress Lighting recently had the opportunity to team with Fix This Yard to help two deserving homeowners, Randy and Elizabeth, transform their yard into an outdoor oasis with the help of lighting fixtures. Don’t miss this episode, which airs Saturday, May 21 on A&E at 10a/9C!

New website shares all things LED at Hubbell Lighting

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We’re excited to announce that our parent company, Hubbell Lighting, has just launched a new website dedicated to showcasing energy saving solid state lighting, LED luminaries and controls.

The website shares LED products from 11 of Hubbell Lighting’s brands, which cover the commercial, industrial and residential markets. Users can sort lighting fixtures by brand, markets or applications and quickly select a product and click directly to that product’s web page. You’ll also find helpful financial analysis tools, energy calculators, case studies and white papers.

We’re proud to be part of Hubbell Lighting, and we’re stepping up to the challenge of educating specifiers, builders, homeowners and everyone in between on LED technology.

More than 50 of Progress Lighting’s LED fixtures are featured on the new site – check it out!