3 new ways to use tape lighting

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Tape and strip lights bring design flexibility, efficiency and beauty to your home lighting plan. Designed with LED sources, strip lights offer optimum efficiency to meet your green design goals. Read on to learn 3 new ways you can incorporate the versatile tape light to enhance your home’s functionality and beauty.

Use LED tape lighting:

1. To illuminate counter workspaces: The cuttable strip also allows you to position lights to perfectly fit your space. Create smooth, seamless illumination above counter areas to help you complete everyday tasks such as reading recipes, chopping ingredients or doing homework.

Image courtesy of Southern Studio Interior Design

Image courtesy of Southern Studio Interior Design

2. To enhance safety in home walking areas: LED strip lights can also be placed under cabinets, just a few inches above the floor to better illuminate paths. This is a great application for aging-in-place design because as we age, it gets more difficult to distinguish walkways and obstacles due to changes in vision.

3. To add drama with cove lighting: Complete with 3M adhesive backing and mounting clips, tape light installation is easier than ever – making it an ideal application for those hard to reach spaces. Easily customizable to fit unique spaces, tape lights work well to provide dramatic cove lighting to enhance the interior architectural beauty of your home.

Quick and Easy Bedroom Makeovers

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Dreaming of a gorgeous bedroom? We know how you feel. All too often, living rooms and kitchens take priority when it comes to decorating, and bedrooms can wind up in a perpetual state of blah. Check out these simple ideas for giving your sleep space an upgrade in no time at all.


A dark color on the walls can bring a bold look to your master bedroom

Image featuring Progress Lighting's Ashbury chandelier

Don’t be afraid to go bold and paint your bedroom a darker color. A survey conducted by Travelodge found that people who sleep in blue rooms tend to get the best night’s sleep, so there’s an idea. If you don’t want to commit to a whole room, just paint an accent wall.

Set up great lighting

Image courtesy of Miller and Smith Homes. Photography by Jim Kirby Photography featuring Progress Lighting Ashbury chandelier.

Image courtesy of Miller and Smith Homes. Photography by Jim Kirby Photography.

If feeling relaxed and refreshed is the priority for your bedroom, consider a layered lighting design. As a rule of thumb, you should have a minimum of three sources of light, which can be as easy as having a lamp on either side of your bed, in addition to a beautiful ceiling light fixture that furthers the design of your space. Consider installing a dimmer switch to control the mood of your room.

Hang curtains

Hang curtains with space above the windows to make your bedroom appear larger.

Image featuring Progress Lighting Brookside wall sconces.

Don’t underestimate the impact of curtains. They can add texture, color, and warmth to a bedroom, often bringing the whole room together. Try hanging them higher (5 to 7 inches) and wider than the window to make the window appear larger and take the eye higher – maker the room feel bigger.

Upgrade your linens

High-quality linens are an instant upgrade. After all, life’s too short to sleep on scratchy sheets. Splurge on high thread count sheets — you’ll be glad you did the next morning.

Deck the walls

Deck the walls with favorite works of art and photos to enliven your master bedroom.

Image featuring Progress Lighting's Equinox pendant.

Wake up each morning to art and decorations that’ll make you happy. If you’re the type who likes to switch it up every so often, or if you’re afraid of putting too many nail holes in the wall, install picture ledges.

Article contributed by Kristin Hillery. Kristin writes for Modernize.com, a website with a mission to connect contractors of all specialties to homeowners looking for home improvement services

Trend Talk: 3 trends in 3 minutes

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If you’ve been following along with our Trend Talk Tuesday series – you know that we’ve had the privilege to learn from Christy Scanlon, president of Masterpiece Design Group on the top trends affecting today’s residential spaces. First time tuning in? Here’s a recap of our previous discussions on hot colors, kitchen must-haves and bathroom favorites.

Today, we wrap up the series with 3 trends in 3 minutes. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group. Photography by Studio KW. Featuring Progress Lighting Ashbury chandelier.

1. Lighter Finishes: According to Christy, dark, heavy beams and stained trim work are being traded for driftwood, honey-toned and limed oak woods. Bleached wood stains for flooring are making a striking comeback, while white and buttermilk cabinets complemented by white appliances are hitting the kitchen scene.

Image Courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group. Photography by Studio KW. Featuring Progress Lighting Equinox chandelier.

2. Mid-Century Design: A wave of nostalgia has swept over consumers as homes nod back to “simpler times.” Mid-century style means clean simplicity and integration with nature. Curves or geometric shapes are replacing busy, ornamental details.

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group. Photography by Studio KW. Featuring Progress Lighting Inspire pendants.

3. Technology Advancements: Technology infuses every aspect of our daily lives – and the home is no exception. Tech hubs for officing and communication are growing in popularity. Architects and builders must incorporate the necessary apparatus and wiring to accommodate these changes, while designers must create spaces that aesthetically integrate and enhance technology.

What trends are you noticing in today’s residential interiors?

Progress Lighting named Ryland Homes Manufacturer of the Year, among other honors

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Progress Lighting was recently recognized for our commitment to excellent service, high-quality product and charitable giving initiatives through valued partnerships in the Houston area.

Special awards from our partners in the Houston area

Ryland Homes Manufacturer of the Year: Progress Lighting was named the 2014 Manufacturer of the Year by the Ryland Homes’ Houston division for our excellence in the homebuilding industry. Ryland Homes is a valued partner and we were humbled to receive such a high form of recognition from their Texas team.

Texas Sentinel Foundation Award: Additionally, we were recognized for our continual commitment to Wounded Warriors through the Texas Sentinel Foundation. We are dedicated to extending a helping hand to the real heroes of our country who sacrifice for our freedom.

Thank You from HomeAid Houston: We were pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Houston Home Builders’ Association and assist great charities like HomeAid Houston – a non-profit committed to rebuilding homes for families, children and veterans in need in the Houston area.

A big thank you to our friends in Texas for these special honors – we enjoy working with all of you and look forward to continuing the partnership in the future!

Trend Talk: In the Bathroom

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In last week’s Trend Talk we unpacked the top kitchen trends affecting the home design industry. It only seemed fair to give some love to your bath areas this week – since these two rooms are the top remodel areas for 2015. Here’s what you can expect to be the “hot items” in the bathroom over the next year. What features do you love the most?

Artistic Sinks: Your traditional, purely functional sink has evolved to be a stunning work of art! Glass and hand-made vessels with wall-mounted plumbing fixtures are a popular pair this year.

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group

Spa-Shower Experience: Living in such a fast-paced, on-the-go culture – people are craving the ultimate luxury experience from their master bathrooms. Just think: in-home sauna, steam room, linear shower drains and master bath fireplaces. Customize your environment by including layered lighting (and don’t forget the dimmers!).

Floating Vanity Cabinets: The floating vanity style is right on-trend – made complete by LED under cabinet lighting or directional lighting.

A big thanks to Masterpiece Design Group for their insight in identifying these three sought-after bath trends. Stay tuned as we continue our Tuesday Trend Talk series next week on the blog.

Free Webinar: 3 Tips to Maximize Your Exposure on Houzz

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Interior designers, homebuilders and other industry professionals are all using Houzz, the world’s leading platform for home renovation and design, to market their business.

If you are unfamiliar with Houzz – or if you want to learn more on using it to market your business – we invite you to join us for a FREE webinar presented by the Progress Lighting and Houzz teams on Tuesday, March 3, at 2 p.m. EST. Register here.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to effectively showcase your work in front of the 25 million users on Houzz, including:

  • How to build an online presence, as well as best practices for engaging with a vibrant online community of homeowners, design enthusiasts and home industry professionals.
  • How online activities generate new business.
  • How to categorize photos to tell your brand’s story in the world’s largest residential design database.

We hope you will register and join us for this free, informative event that can help you connect with your customers.

Trend Talk: In the Kitchen

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We’re back with Trend Talk Tuesdays, and today we’re taking a closer look at trends influencing the heart of your home: the kitchen. Get the skinny on the looks, finishes and designs that will make up this year’s most on-trend kitchens.

One-level workstations: Say good-bye to your high-low islands with a bar and counter at separate heights. A reason for this trend is the increasing popularity of the double island.

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group

Double sinks: With multiple islands, we are also noticing a trend towards double sinks. Typically, the second sink is used for meal preparation, located in the secondary island.

Statement light fixtures: Large, eye-catching light fixtures, especially above the entertainment island, are also popular for kitchens this year.

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group, featuring Progress Lighting Caress Pendants. Photography by StudioKW.

Image courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group, featuring Progress Lighting Caress Pendants. Photography by StudioKW.

White appliances: White is becoming more popular than stainless steel when it comes to kitchen appliances. The Whirlpool White Ice collection is an example of this.

Oversized island seating: Formal dining areas are being replaced with extended island seating for the whole family.

What elements are you planning for your kitchen remodel or new home?

Insight and images, courtesy of Masterpiece Design Group.

Back to Basics: Creating a lighting plan for your home

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Lighting greatly affects the mood, aesthetics and functionality of your living spaces. Your lighting layout should never be an afterthought or haphazard decision. This is true whether you are remodeling your current home or building a new one. Lighting design is all about creating a plan. Consider these steps when developing the perfect home lighting plan:

1. Supply light where you need it. Consider the purpose of the room and place lights in areas that you will be using regularly.

2. Light your space in the right quantity and the right quality. The height of the ceilings, size of the room and tasks performed all affect the amount of lumens needed in a particular room.

3. Confirm that the lighting design meets the needs of the client. If this is not your own home, be sure to consider the age and special needs of the home’s inhabitants.

4. Select lights that define the form of the space. Your lighting should help further the design and style of your space, not hinder it. Lighting can serve as a beautiful focal point or aesthetic piece in residential applications.

5. Identify what each area will be used for, and how lighting will affect those activities.

Trend Talk: Invigorating colors

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We’re excited to launch “Trend Talk Tuesdays” in which we bring you the latest and greatest in home design trends. We recently had the privilege to sit down with design experts at Masterpiece Design Group and learn a little more about the trending wants and needs of today’s homeowner.

Today, we’re talking colors. And not just any colors, but fresh lively accent hues that bring bright, chromatic splashes of color to your home. According to Masterpiece Design Group, it’s not just one shade that’s taking over the residential landscape – it’s all about unsaturated, accent undertones that infuse personality and vibrance into your design.

Project completed by Masterpiece Design Group featuring our Trinity pendants. Photography by StudioKW.

Turquoise: Blue is a continued trend for 2015 – but specifically a “retro-cool” turquoise hue is in high demand. This color is hard to miss – and contributes to a versatile, uplifting and restorative home atmosphere.

Orange: Known as a happy color with retro sensibility, orange has made a resurgence in popularity. Shades of orange draw inspiration from natural elements such as spices (saffron, curry and paprika) and fruits (blood orange and tangerine).

Radiant Orchid: Now here’s a color that you’ve heard a lot about. Named Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, it’s no wonder homeowners are craving this captivating color to deck their walls, pillows and curtains. According to Pantone, Radiant Orchid “encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.”

Have you tried to incorporate any of these invigorating colors into your home design scheme?

Incandescent sources in residential design: Yay or Nay?

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Although LED and more energy efficient sources are on the rise, incandescents are still commonly used in home lighting applications. If you’re planning a remodel or a lighting upgrade, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of going with incandescent lamps. Here’s a few to start the conversation.

Fresnel by Progress Lighting

Fresnel pendants are available in both incandescent and LED options.


  • Low initial cost (note: high on the maintenance side)
  • High color rendering index (CRI – or your ability to render colors accurately)
  • Instant on
  • No ballast
  • Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, bases and wattages
  • Easy dimming capabilities
  • Wattage interchangeability


  • Very low efficacy (lumens per watt)
  • High infrared outlet (heat production)
  • Short life (frequent bulb changes)
  • Voltage sensitivity
  • Environmental impact

Have you considered the switch to more efficient sources?