Solid-state lighting: The benefits, challenges + misconceptions

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In a recent interview with our Senior Product Designer James Thomas, we asked him to weigh in on the benefits and challenges of solid-state lighting. In our Q+A, Thomas shared his perspective on the effects that the move towards LED sources has on the industry as a whole.

Here’s what he had to say.

“For the first time since Edison introduced the first commercially viable incandescent lamp in 1879, we have a light source that is not based on an inefficient vacuum tube (better at producing heat than light). As a designer, I am excited by this major change in the industry, which I think is comparable in importance to the switch from gas light to electric.

Without the constraint of a bulb, designers can create fixtures with completely new form factors.

We will soon be able to tie a home’s lighting in with other electronic systems and control everything from a smart phone or tablet. Variable colors and color temperatures will be easy to control as well, allowing much more user customization than just dimming.

As exciting as the opportunities are, I think that all of these disruptions of the status quo can be seen as challenges as well.

Tradition can be comforting and change isn’t always easy to accept, which explains why we still see so many candelabra chandeliers and coach lanterns that are based on gas light designs more than a century after the switch to electric.

Many people will continue to adhere to traditional lighting forms as LED becomes our primary light source, even though the new technology allows for functional, efficient, and beautiful designs that were never possible before.”

One Fixture, Four Ways: Bingo

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One of our most uniquely versatile collections, Bingo offers endless design possibilities with the ability to double as a beautiful source of illumination as well as an eye-catching piece of wall art. Replace the distressed mirror surfaces with luxurious fabrics, cherished photos or other materials to complement your style. A source of modern charm (that is certain to spawn cheerful conversation) – take a look at some ways we have applied this one-of-a-kind fixture in 4 different ways.

1. Make it pop with a bold, bright pattern.

Select fabrics with a stand-out pattern to turn this fixture into a playful piece.

2. Keep it soft and subtle with distressed accents.

With the option to customize, the original Bingo design features distressed mirror accents and a neutral palette making it easy to coordinate with other room decor.

3. Turn it sideways to fit new spaces.

Flip the Bingo fixture on its side to create a focal piece in tighter areas, such as on a wall column.

4. Try it two-toned.

Pair neutral inserts with pops of color – such as a lively orange to greet guests in your entryway – for a new look.

View the full Bingo collection.

What’s new in LED lighting

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Samantha Hart from Better Homes and Gardens Lighting Magazine interviews Louie Morales on what’s new in LED lighting. Watch this short interview to learn:

  • How LED technology is revolutionizing the lighting industry
  • The possibilities LED creates for manufacturers to create new designs without the constraint of a lamp
  • What you need to know about LED light quality and color temperature
  • How LED contributes to efficiency, maintenance and product life


Rockin’ & Rollin’ with D.R. Horton

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Our team had a blast at the D.R. Horton “Battle of the Brands” National Accounts meeting this month. Our very own rockstars Todd Roy, Renata Caldwell and Lance Smith attended the themed event at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We’re loving their Rock ‘n Roll style!

We were honored to also accept two awards during the event which included best new product and presentation for our new P8022 fixture, as well as the best company in the East Region for service and support. Please join us in congratulating our team – and enjoy some fun pics from the event!

Don’t they look great?!

Designer Series with Synergy Design & Construction – part 3 of 3

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This is the third and final post of our Designer Series this week, featuring an interview with Emily Berg, Interior Designer for Synergy Design & Construction.

Today we focus on industry trends to keep an eye out for – we’d love to hear from you on trends you are embracing today in your home design project.

Q: What trends are you seeing now in projects?

A: In terms of style, we have seen several clients who are interested in a vintage or farmhouse style. After Brushed Nickel fixtures, the next most popular finish seems to be Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Exposed Edison bulbs are also prevalent.

As far as lighting design, many clients love to see lighting (especially LED) in unique places — in tray ceiling soffits, under toekicks, even in drawers or under the kitchen sink!

Q: How you keep up with design trends – do you have favorite blogs, industry events, T.V. shows or magazines that you turn to?

A: Our vendors help us keep up to date by holding seminars that discuss the latest fixtures to pop up in the design and furniture shows across the country. Magazines such as Luxe and Home & Design also provide inspiration and follow the latest trends.  For unique ideas and everyday inspiration, we also get a lot of ideas from images we see on Houzz and Pinterest.


Progress Lighting also stays current with trends we see on Houzz and Pinterest. Join us on our channels at and to stay in touch!

Designer Series with Synergy Design & Construction – part 2 of 3

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Photo courtesy of Synergy D&C, featuring a series of pendants from Progress Lighting

We’re continuing our conversation with Emily Berg, Interior Designer for Synergy Design & Construction during our Designer Series this week. Yesterday, we talked about how crucial lighting is in a design.

Today we share more details from our recent interview.

Q: How often is lighting the focal point of a room? Can you give an example?

A: Lighting can be a focal point in almost any room, public or private.

  • Kitchens, foyers, and bars are great examples of shared spaces that can showcase a special light fixture, such as a chandelier or pendant.
  • Bedrooms can also benefit from unique light fixtures. For example, a glamorous chandelier can add flair to a bedroom.
  • Focal point light fixtures in master baths are relatively unique, so when we install them for our clients, it really adds something special. Fixtures like this add personality to a home.

Layered lighting in a room also makes the space interesting and enjoyable.


Do you have a room where lighting serves as a main point of interest? We’d love to hear examples from our audience.

Stay tuned for our last blog post tomorrow, which wraps up our Designer Series interview with Synergy D&C.

Designer Series with Synergy Design & Construction – part 1 of 3

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Photo courtesy of Synergy D&C, featuring a series of pendants from Progress Lighting

This week, we’re talking lighting trends with Emily Berg, Interior Designer for Synergy Design & Construction.  We love to keep in touch with professionals around the nation to see how designers achieve a vision for a particular project. Please join us over the next three days to read sections from our interview in our first-ever Designer Series.

Q: What considerations do you take into mind when selecting the lighting for a project?

A: First, especially in a remodel, we consider the style of any lighting or other fixtures that may be nearby, so that the look of the fixtures is continuous throughout the home.

Matching metal finishes is especially important so it doesn’t appear that fixtures were thoughtlessly added.

When narrowing down potential fixtures for a space, scale is also important. Drawing the actual sizes of the lighting on our plans, or modeling them in 3D, helps us to figure out, for example: how many pendants should be at an island, how high bath sconces should be mounted, and what diameter a foyer fixture should be depending on the ceiling height. Even if you find a great-looking fixture, if the scale is off, it looks inappropriate.

Q: How important is lighting to a project?

A: Lighting is crucial! First of all, because a poorly lit space is unpleasant and not functional. Even in a space without decorative light fixtures, it is extremely important to think through the amount of ambient light a space will receive, from recessed cans, etc.

Decorative lighting also makes a space look finished. It’s like art on the walls. It contributes to the interest of a room and can create a focal point.

Outdoor Living Lighting Giveaway ends Aug. 29

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Today is your last day to enter our outdoor lighting giveaway for the chance to win your choice of exterior fixtures. Don’t underestimate the power of outdoor lighting to beautify your home and landscape design. Outdoor lighting allows you to enhance architectural elements and provide illumination for guests to safely navigate exterior areas.

All you need is your name and email to enter at Good luck!

5 reasons to update your outdoor lighting

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Outdoor lighting is one of the most important elements of your home’s design. Even if you have a beautiful landscape and sophisticated architecture, the right lighting is what really highlights, enhances and brings these elements to life.

Here are 5 reasons to consider updating your outdoor lighting design.

1. First impressions are everything.

Even before guests reach the front door, they are already forming opinions about your home. It’s inevitable that visitors and neighbors will make assumptions – whether they’re true or not – about the interior of your home based on the style and upkeep of your outdoor areas.

2. Outdoor lighting greatly impacts the perceived value of a home.

As with indoor lighting, your exterior lighting can say a lot about the value of your home. Stay relevant and current with on-trend fixtures from Progress Lighting.

3. Outdoor lighting enhances safety and security.

Well-lit walkways, driveways and porches make it easy for guests to securely enter and exit your home. Highlight areas of your landscape for nighttime use.

4. The right lighting makes guests feel welcomed.

Put your guests at ease and make them feel comfortable as soon as they step on your property. There’s nothing more uninviting than a dark, poorly lit entrance.

5. Progress Lighting is giving you the chance to win your choice of outdoor fixtures (though August 29).

What are you waiting for? Enter to win, and your outdoor lighting upgrade might just be on us! Enter here.

5 ways to lower your energy bill

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Summer is that one season where almost everyone begins to (begrudgingly) notice their energy bills. The good news is that there are some really easy, practical ways that you can help lower those bills, with little sacrifice to your lifestyle. Read on for 5 money-saving tips.

Tip #5 might just be our best tip yet - brought to you by our partners at Beazer Homes.

1. Identify and remove devices that use power even when they are turned off.

According to Duke Energy, these devices can account for a total of 20 percent of your electric bill. Examples include cell phone chargers, standby coffee makers, DVD players and video game consoles.

2. Use ceiling fans.

Believe it or not, ceiling fans can account for significant energy savings. They can also be used year-round to cool down or warm up a room, and give your main heating/cooling unit a needed break. More on the benefits of ceiling fans.

3. Incorporate energy efficient lighting.

Progress Lighting offers a variety of LED and CFL lighting options that can reduce both energy and maintenance costs. The ROI of these sources are worth the switch. View our most energy efficient LED options.

4. Improve your washer/dryer habits.

Wash your clothes in full loads with cold water. Don’t over dry loads, and remove from the dryer as soon as the cycle is complete to eliminate the need for ironing. Remember to clean the lint filter after every load to reduce drying times.

5. Enter Beazer Homes’ Energy Bill Match Up Contest.

For your chance to secure your LOWEST energy bill yet, Beazer Homes is offering to pay your July gas and/or electric bill compared to a new energy efficient Beazer Home. You could be one of three winners. Enter before August 31 for your chance to win.