6 simple ways to transform your bathroom into a spa retreat (without breaking your budget)

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Turning your bathroom into a spa oasis doesn’t have to put a strain on your wallet. With just a few simple tips from the pros, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven.

1. Soft, cozy accents: If you’re looking for indulgent additions, bringing in a soft rug and fluffy towels is the perfect place to start. Neutral colors paired with velvety soft materials bring the spa-like environment right to your home.

2. Set the mood with dimmers: Installing dimmers on your bathroom lights is an easy way to control the mood. Bright bathroom lighting can be harsh and obtrusive (especially when flipped on in the early morning).

3. Outfit your bath with sweet and savory smells: There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of a lavender-mint candle paired with a heaping bubble bath. If you’re looking for a place of a retreat, candles should be your favorite accessory.

4. Upgrade your shower head: A simple switch of your shower head – such as incorporating a rainfall design – can make a world of difference. This shower head is both cost-effective and highly-rated.

5. Add art and wall decor: The bathroom is a room that often gets left out when it comes to beautiful wall decor. Don’t forget to use your wall space with artfully arranged decor.

6. Install a decorative fixture: Like wall art, people often overlook the need for decorative lighting in a bathroom setting, when in reality, this is the perfect way to add luxury to your space. A small chandelier or bold pendant is a beautiful way to refresh your design.

5 easy weekend kitchen projects

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Kitchens have evolved from an area of pure function to a primary room for entertaining. The trend towards open floor plans has further played into the kitchen serving as the heart of the home. The good news? There are easy ways that you can beautify this popular room without breaking your budget. We took some hints from a kitchen designed by our friends at Stephen Alexander Homes to bring you easy, DIY kitchen upgrades you can complete in a weekend.

Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes

1. Chalkboard wall decor: What better place for chalkboard wall art than in the kitchen? Write notes of encouragement, favorite recipes, important reminders, events for the week – for all to see! Simply grab a can of chalkboard paint and hit the thrift store for an old frame – and this easy kitchen craft can add a fun and fresh feel to your home.

2. Refresh your lighting: Pendant lights are fixtures that are high in both style and function. Not only do they provide great task illumination, but the broad range of designs, sizes and colors allow you to choose a fixture that fits your space and your personality. Pictured above are our Madison pendants, a timeless collection.

3. Above-cabinet additions: Use your kitchen’s vertical space by placing greenery or trinkets above your cabinets. These additions draw your eye up, adding visual intrigue in an efficient way, and making your kitchen seem larger.

4. Bring out the cookbooks: Pull out your favorite recipe books hidden in a cabinet and display them on your counters, stacked side by side or on a book mount. The book jackets can add graphic flair to countertops – plus easy access to your favorite recipes!

5. Add pops of colors: Go bold and splash a bright color onto your bar stools or island chairs. A coat of paint can enliven the room and bring a fresh look to the space.

What are your favorite budget-friendly kitchen upgrades?

5 bathroom designs we love

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A recent study conducted by the home design site Houzz reported that homeowners are undertaking remodeling projects with the intent to stay in their home for the long term. The number one motivator for renovations? To improve the look and feel of the space. Additionally, bathrooms came out as the highest priority (by room) on homeowner’s remodeling agendas.

Here are a few bathroom looks we are loving right now – which is your favorite? Are you planning a bathroom remodel in the next year?

Calm, cool and collected

Bathroom featuring Progress Lighting's new Elina collection

Why we love it: The textured wall treatment pairs beautifully with the smooth, opal glass of our new Elina vanity fixture. Cool hues and colors found in nature are a top bathroom pick for 2015, as they contribute to an environment ideal for relaxation.

Bathroom design tip: The amount of light in your bathroom should  influence your decision on color. While dark wall or accessory colors can be fabulous, you want to make sure the bathroom gets enough natural light, or displays a layered lighting approach.

Clean, crisp and crafty

Stephen Alexander Homes bathroom featuring Progress Lighting's North Park collection.

Why we love it: This bright bathroom design offers a crisp, contemporary style with a craftsman flair. The square shape of our North Park vanity fixtures allude to an earlier time, but it’s updated style gives this bathroom a fresh appeal.

Bathroom design tip: Fixtures with milky-white diffused shades are your best bets for smooth, even illumination at the mirror.

Contemporary meets traditional

Bathroom design as seen on "For Your Home With Vicki Payne" featuring Progress Lighting Academy sconces

Why we love it: The bright, contemporary design of our Academy pendants beautifully complements the warm, traditional wood tones in the cabinets. The wall art further plays into this juxtaposition bringing classic elements to the space.

Bathroom design tip: Bathrooms receive considerable wear and tear and it’s important to choose cabinet materials and finishes that can withstand heat, water and excessive moisture.

Playing with pendants

Toll Brothers' bathroom design featuring Progress Lighting glass pendants.

Why we love it: Bring a contemporary feel to your bathroom design by swapping out your typical vanity fixtures with some pendants with personality. This Toll Brothers bathroom uses a neutral color scheme to calm down the space, but the pendants add a twist!

Bathroom design tip: Pendants can be a great alternative for high ceilings, as they bring the light down to just the right height for completing everyday tasks.

Luxuriously spacious

Bathroom project completed by Mary DeWalt Design featuring Progress Lighting's Nissé chandelier.

Why we love it: Today, bathrooms are all about creating a space to unwind and relax. Give this everyday area a luxurious appeal by adding a chandelier.

Bathroom design tip: Consult an electrician in your area before installing a fixture about the tub to ensure it complies with building codes.

Trend Alert: Multigenerational housing on the rise

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Multigenerational hosing is a trend we’ve seen emerge in a big way over the last couple years. According to Zillow, in 2015, you can “expect to see increasing new construction of homes that support this arrangement, and more real estate agents calling out multigenerational marketing as a particular focus of their business.”

The Washington Post put out an interesting article last year that cited a record 57 million Americans, or 18.1 percent of the U.S. population, living in households with two or more generations (2012).

Have you considered extending your living quarters to accommodate family members?

Standard Pacific Homes offers floor plans that include extra living spaces for multigenerational accommodations. Image featuring our Ashbury pendants.

LED fixtures vs. LED lamps: Which is better?

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As lighting technology evolves and energy efficiency becomes increasingly important for builders and consumers alike, LED lighting is taking center stage. With advancements in color consistency, light output and cost effectiveness, there’s no doubt that LED is a major player in the design world – for both residential and commercial markets.

It’s important for consumers and professionals to be properly educated on the LED “lingo” and the variety of LED options available today. With more people considering renovations that incorporate LEDs, the following question often arises:

“Why would a customer choose an integrated LED fixture instead of
a medium base fixture with an LED lamp?”

Progress Lighting’s Director of Decorative Product Development David Peek takes this question head on. Read on to learn the benefits of integrated LED solutions compared to fixtures used with LED bulbs.

  1. Energy Star Ratings: If a customer or job specification requires an Energy Star-rated luminaire, the technology must be integrated into the fixture.
  2. Better Performance: The performance and life of an integrated LED fixture has been validated for the luminaire. In a standard fixture with an LED lamp, the stated life and performance of the LED lamp is not optimized for the luminaire.
  3. Lamp Restrictions: Most LED lamps have manufacturer restrictions and/or warnings against use in enclosed fixtures or use with dimmers. All of Progress Lighting’s LED fixtures are designed for use with standard dimmers.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: With integrated LED fixtures, lighting distribution has been optimized for directional applications (such as wall or ceiling) providing a more aesthetically pleasing solution.
  5. Cost Effectiveness: Many LED fixtures do not have a net price increase when compared with a CFL fixture of the same design. Plus, the LED fixture provides better life and CRI (correlated color temperature).
  6. Energy and Maintenance Savings: In regards to operation and maintenance costs, an integrated LED luminaire delivers energy savings (lower energy costs) and eliminates maintenance costs (no lamp to replace).
  7. Eliminates Bulb Theft: In public or outdoor spaces, integrated LED solutions negate the problem of bulb theft.

To learn more about LED solutions, visit www.progresslighting.com, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz.

Dallas Market Highlights: What’s new from Progress Lighting

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If you’ve been following us on our blog or social media channels, you know that this week, Progress Lighting unveiled more than 30 new collections at the Dallas International Lighting Market. We have had a blast in showroom TM3840 showing off all of our new and most loved products. If you are at the Market, we hope to see you. If you weren’t able to make it to Dallas this year, don’t fret – you can follow along virtually on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we will be giving you live updates from the show for the rest of this week.

We’re excited to share with you some of our new products, unveiled this week and designed to meet the needs of our homebuilders, designers and consumers.

The Pointe collection features alternating clear and champagne tinted K9 glass accents - these fixtures truly celebrate the element of sparkle!

Flourish by Progress Lighting

The new Flourish chandeliers are balanced by natural tones that will make any home décor design thrive.

Mingle by Progress Lighting

Come Mingle with us in showroom TM3840! The Mingle collection offers a series of fun and flirty fixtures with subtle, parchment-like glass shades that feature a discreet pattern and refreshing look.

A close-up of the mechanical details of our Swing linear chandelier. Swing offers a unique authenticity and vintage electric feel to revive the look over kitchen islands and bar areas.

Identity by Progress Lighting

Identity features a spherical accent, soft flowing arms and tapered candle embellishments that work together to create a specific focal piece for a favorite room.

Elina spins a traditional classic and modern form by exaggerating its heirloom quality details.

We hope to see you in showroom TM3840! For more details on our new products, visit www.progresslighting.com.

Sneak Peek: 2015 New Product Introductions

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If you have been following us on Instagram over the last week, we hope you’ve enjoyed our Countdown to Dallas Market. In this series, we provided our followers with exclusive sneak peeks at our newest collections to be unveiled at Dallas Market. Well, the show officially launches tomorrow, and we are bursting to fully share our more than 30 new collections to kick off the new year.

In preparation, we’ve compiled our product sneak peeks over the last week to wet your appetite for our official launch tomorrow at market. Browse what’s new and see how our products embrace the latest trends in lighting design. And stay tuned this week as we provide you with live updates from market on our social channels – Enjoy!

This new product celebrates the element of sparkle through a sophisticated and glamourous design…

Vintage Electric designs characterize many of our new products. This one boasts a crafted warehouse form with unique authenticity…

Metallic tones is a rising home design trend you’ll find mingled into our new products. This distinctive copper fixture is soon to be available in an LED option…

Glass with a skilled, craftsman-like quality is making its way into our new product line-up. This stunning fixture features co-mingled glass accents with a rich smoky coloration…

This collection infuses the best of traditional and modern elements for an on-trend lighting design…

More exciting updates to come. We hope to see you in Dallas!

Under Cabinet Lighting 101

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Under cabinet lighting is both a practical and elegant lighting solution. Ideal for use in kitchens, home offices and bathrooms, under cabinet lights add a soft ambience and romantic feel to rooms. These lights are also very functional additions for turning counter tops and desks into usable workspaces.

There are several ways to go about lighting under cabinets. It is our hope to educate and inform you of these options so you can make a wise purchasing decision when you are ready to buy and install these versatile fixtures.

Under cabinet lights are most often attached to wall-mount upper cabinets. However, these lights can also be used for above cabinet lighting to create a fresh ambiance and add visual intrique. Under cabinet lighting is either battery operated or wired – with the lamps, plugs and wiring installed to be hidden from view. These lights feature a low-profile design to be easily concealed by a cabinet’s molding.

Image courtesy of Ryland Homes

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Options

Under cabinet lighting is an easy way to incorporate LED technology into your home. Not only is it easy to find cost-effective options for this application, LEDs operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a good fit for warm areas, such as the kitchen. Additionally, LEDs are a smart solution for energy saving benefits, as the lamp itself can last for nearly two decades, largely reducing maintenance inconveniences.

Puck Lights

Under cabinet puck lights are small circular disks that can be installed individually, or in a pack that is wired together. The Progress Lighting Hide-A-Lite LED puck light offers a linkable option, and the fixture only uses 4W of input power.

Linear Lights

Linear lights are rectangular lights that are complete with the light, wiring and on and off switch – all in one unit. Progress Lighting offers a series of LED under cabinet lights in this setup, available in a variety of colors and sizes for differing applications.

Tape Lights

LED tape lights are most often sold on a roll in various lengths. The strip can be cut to fit a specific width. Progress Lighting’s LED tape light offers a low profile to aid in task lighting for kitchens and other areas within the home. The low-voltage, 100W energy-efficient LED tape can be lengthened with a 6” connector cable or 90-degree connector.

Have you experienced the aesthetic and functional benefits of under cabinet lighting? What tips would you add?

The Fab 5: Top interior design trends, predicted

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If we had to choose a certain word that involves all of the top interior design trends of 2015, we might settle on the word “simplify.” Today, individuals are looking for ways to de-clutter and de-stress, to unwind and remove themselves from the daily “wear and tear” of their fast-paced lives.

With this in mind, it makes sense why folks are remodeling rather than moving, opting for softer colors and tending towards uncomplicated styles. Read on to learn the top five interior design trends. Thanks to Neil Kelly Company for the expert insight featured in this month’s issue of enLIGHTenment magazine.

Soft, cool hues: Light blues and greens are popular design colors for the new year.

The master bath is an especially prevalent space to see soft colors as homeowners seek to use this space as a place of retreat.

Upcycled design: Many materials – such as old wood and metals – are being reborn in the home design world, and popping up as “new” products with a sustainable element.

The Rush outdoor wall sconce is comprised of recycled bamboo wood.

Remodeling over moving: More folks are opting to remodel their existing homes than move into a new one. Updating your light fixtures is one way to transform the environment and perceived value of your home.

New light fixtures over a kitchen island can revitalize the look and feel of the entire room.

Heavy on the metal: From copper lighting finishes to brass sinks, metal is making an appearance in the new year. Shades and tones of copper are hot on the design scale.

The Progress Lighting Brookside pendant is available in a solid Copper finish and can be applied to both interior and exterior settings.

Clean, contemporary design: Simplified designs are on the rise for 2015 as more and more homeowners move towards a more minimalist modern approach.

A single Modera pendant creates a sweet and simple focal point in this bathroom.

A single Modera pendant creates a sweet and simple focal point in this bathroom.

Which trend would you incorporate into your home design?

Source: enLIGHTenment Magazine, The Great 8, January 2015 issue

Progress Lighting: A Year in Review

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As another year comes to a close, we look forward to bright opportunities ahead. But before we embrace the excitement of the new year, we thought it would be fitting to take a moment to reflect on the successes of 2014. We invite you to join us as we celebrate noteworthy accomplishments from this past year.

Happy New Year from Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting introduces the first dual purpose surface and recessed LED luminaire on the market – the P8022

The P8022

The P8022

The introduction of the P8022 Series was an industry first. The P8022 maximizes versatility with its clean, sleek design that unites performance, cost and safety benefits for residential and commercial applications. Classified for wet locations, the P8022 features a 120V alternating current source. Its state-of-the-art design eliminates the need for a traditional LED driver.

Progress Lighting receives Home Builder Executive’s Gold Innovation Award

We were honored to take home the top award for innovation in decorative lighting from Home Builder Executive Magazine. We are proud of our committed team that helps us ensure the highest standards of quality and innovation in decorative lighting.

Progress Lighting launches digital newsroom

After years of building our social media channels to engage with a variety of audiences, this year we further evolved our web presence by unveiling a digital newsroom, http://newsroom.progresslighting.com. The newsroom provides new ways for consumers, prospects and partners to learn about Progress Lighting. Visitors now have access to items – including image galleries, video libraries and company news – that are easy to share with others. We hope you’ll check it out!

Progress Lighting unveils a digital newsroom to serve as a resource for media and partners.

Progress Lighting unveils a digital newsroom to serve as a resource for media and partners.

Progress Lighting gains more than 20,000 fans on Facebook

We were humbled by the ever-growing support of our fan base on our social channels. Thank you to all of our loyal customers, fans and supporters who follow and interact with us online – and helped us to reach and surpass the exciting milestone of more than 20,000 fans on Facebook. We hope you’ll connect with us!

Asset by Progress Lighting

Asset by Progress Lighting

Asset named to Professional Remodeler’s 100 Best New Products of 2014

Introduced in 2014, the Asset collection – a classic, modern family of pendants, chandeliers and sconces – was selected for the 100 Best New Products list from Professional Remodeler Magazine.

Thanks to all of our partners for your continued support of Progress Lighting. We look forward to new opportunities in 2015. Happy New Year!