Common Lighting Terms & Definitions

By Kim Banks on October 29, 2012

To better understand any industry, it is always important to learn the lingo. For your convenience, we have complied a list of some popular lighting terms and definitions that we always find useful:
  • CCT - Correlated color temperature
  • CFL - Compact Flourescent Lamp
  • Color Rendering - Ability of a light source to show all colors in a scene
  • Color Temperature - An index for lamp light color in degrees Kelvin (K) that typically ranges from 1700K to 8000K
  • CRI - Color Rendering Index (20-100)
  • LED - Light Emitting Diode
  • Light Color - Light that randes from warm (e.g., candlelight) to cool (e.g., flourescent grow light)
  • Luminaire - Light fixture, including the lamp (bulb)
  • Luminaire Efficacy - Total lumens emitted by the luminaire divided by  the total watts drawn by the luminaire's power supply
  • SSL - Solid-State Lighting
What lighting terms have you come across recently?