How to choose the right ceiling fan for your space

By Kim Banks on March 4, 2014

Ceiling fans are energy efficient options that add comfort, style and light to almost any room of the home. When choosing a ceiling fan, it's not only important to consider selecting blades and finishes that match your interior style - but the right size (depending on the room size) is equally essential to maximize performance.

Ideal for bedrooms and foyers | P2625-20 in Antique Bronze finish + palm-style blades

The American Lighting Association suggests the following guidelines: Room Size                      Fan Size Up to 75 sq. ft.               36 inches or smaller 75 to 144 sq. ft.              36 to 42 inches 144 to 225 sq. ft.           44 to 50 inches 225 to 400 sq. ft.           50 to 54 inches Progress Lighting offers a variety of fan options that cater to your distinct style and help you meet your design goals. Browse fans by Progress Lighting.