Lighting by room: Living Room

By Kim Banks on May 29, 2013

In our new “Lighting by room” blog series, we borrow ideas and tips from the most recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens’ Lighting magazine – while offering suggestions for lighting fixtures from our own collections. Enjoy! From family get-togethers to quiet movie nights, a well-lit living room is essential in helping us do all of our living. And as for designing the lighting in any room, proportion plays a huge part. Big chandeliers can overpower a small-scale space, but a too-small pendant can feel lost in the sweep of an expansive ceiling. In a living room, use your space’s dimensions as a guide. Add the length, width and height to get an approximate height (in inches) of your chandelier.  Additionally, the bottom of the chandelier should be about 78-84 inches from the floor. Light layers should be placed strategically to eliminate shadows and provide optimal illumination.
  • Chandeliers bring style to any room through unique fixtures and ornate details while serving as a great source of overall lighting.
  • Sconces offer soft accent light while highlighting focal points throughout the living room.
  • Lamps have the ability to supply welcome task lighting for seating areas.
What is your favorite living room fixture? We love the look Joy adds to this sophisticated living room.