• Chandeliers
  • Chandeliers are dramatic lighting fixtures that add personality and functional illumination to a room. They work in virtually any type of space and come in a range of sizes. Traditionally used over dining tables exclusively, current decorating trends are expanding the role of these beautiful lights to the family room, bedrooms and even the master bath for a more glamorous lightscape.
  • Close-to-Ceiling
  • Simple yet practical and for general illumination, Close to Ceiling fixtures can be a stylish solution especially for lower ceilings. Close-mount lighting and semi-flush lighting options can aid in the lighting design without taking away from the focal points that make a certain room unique.
Family: Shower-trim
  Recessed-Trim (3)
  Shower Trim (3)
  White (3)
Light Bulbs
  1 (1)
  Energy Efficient
  Energy Star
  • $35.09
    • P8009-60
    • $35.09
    • Shower Trim Recessed-Trim
    • Drop Opal Shower. For insulated ceilings. Wet location listed. Non-metallic flange. 7-3/4 outside diameter.
  • $36.3
    • P8025-60
    • $36.30
    • Shower Trim Recessed-Trim
    • Dome Shower. For insulated ceilings. Wet location listed. 8-1/4 outside diameter.
  • $26.4
    • P8109-28
    • $26.40
    • Shower Trim Recessed-Trim
    • Bright White 5 shower light.