Designing with Pendants

Available in a plethora of shapes, sizes and styles, pendants offer endless design options, while providing all-purpose illumination, task lighting and accent lighting. Not only are pendants a classy style accent, but they also contribute to a functional and inviting layered lighting design. Keep these purposes in mind when using pendants to light a variety of rooms in your home:

Turnbury Collection, Image courtesy of Susan Wilson Interiors, Stephen Alexander Homes

All-purpose Lighting

Space pendants throughout the room for overall lighting. The larger the area, the bigger the pendant light should be.

Industrial Pendants featured; Image courtesy of TNAH 2017

Task Lighting

Focus pendant lights on a specific work area, such as over a sink or desk area. One small pendant may be sufficient.

Draper Collection featured; Image courtesy of Toll Brothers

Accent Lighting

Highlight specific areas or accent pieces with pendants to create interest and depth to your design.

Tip – The pendants lined over the kitchen are not only dreamy – they are functional, too. The even illumination they provide prevents dark spots over the work space to prevent accidents in the kitchen.
Additionally, pendants can help further your unique design taste. Select a pendant style that reflects your home’s characteristic décor. For example, modern pendants made of glass exude sleekness, while glass orbs present a retro look. Choose a style that matches your home design and meets your lighting needs.

The appeal of pendant lighting is that there is a style, size and price point for every design plan. Explore options by Progress Lighting to update your space with pendant lighting.