New Construction and Remodel

The P8022 Series unites performance, cost and safety benefits for an innovative LED solution unlike any other on the market.

Complete with adapters and mounts for use in recessed and flush mount applications, the P8022 embraces an installation system that is versatile, simple and seamless.

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Maximum Versatility

The P8022 comes with an adjustable mounting option that fits 6″, 5″ or 4″ recessed housing. Simply Twist -and-Push into recessed housing and finish with the quick-link wiring system. The fixture also includes an e26 Edison Base adapter for a retrofit screw-in option (all hardware included).

The P8022 also offers an intuitive snap-in system that makes flush mount installation easier than ever. Simply install adapter onto junction box, then snap into place using the flush mount clip. Like the recessed application, the quick-link wiring system completes the flush mount installation (all hardware also included).


e26 Edison Base adapter

Flush Mount

J-Box snap-in adapter



Multi-Family & Commercial

Wet Location

Performance & Economy

The P8022 Series is leading the industry in LED technology. The state-of-the-art design eliminates the need for a traditional LED driver. The fixture not only demonstrates superior efficiency and performance, but the P8022 offers a low-price point that makes it a cost-effective solution for customers and partners.

  • Lumens: 1070
  • Watts: 17 input power
  • Lumen output comparable to a 100W incandescent lamp
  • Life: 42,000 hours with many standard incandescent dimmers